UCLA Health IT Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024

In addition to our major initiatives list and capital roadmap, having a strategic plan helps us focus on improving these important themes within UCLA Health IT:

  • Recruit, grow, and retain our top talent
  • Optimize our processes
  • Ensure modern and resilient technology

We invite you to review our Strategic Plan and provide any feedback you may have.

Governance and Strategy

Our governance combines IT strategy with business strategy to ensure that decision making is aligned across areas. It is made up of a number of advisory groups that feed into governance committees up to our IT Steering committee.

Objective: Recruit, grow, and retain our top talent.

Goals Strategies
• Promote EDI • Establish standard leadership practices
• Make learning & development opportunities more accessible • Manager skills enhanced to focus on core skills (i.e., coaching, negotiation, conflict resolution)
• Implement standard and efficient recruitment practices • Standardized recruitment process
• Promote manager development & standard practices • Develop curated learning opportunities
• Promote equitable compensation practices • Develop UHIT job shadowing / cross-training program
• Promote career development • Develop formal mentorship program
• Elevate the skills of our workforce

Objective: Optimize processes that need improvement.

Goals Strategies
• Reduce technical debt • Improve PMO maturity level
• Increase automation • Enhance access to project and portfolio data
• Enhance customer experience • Increase report automation
• Maintain & improve security posture • Optimize risk assessment process
• Standardize UHIT documentation process and ensure documentation is accessible • Enhance procurement processes
• Enhance provisioning capabilities
• Develop DevSecOps methodology
• Improve vulnerability patching
• Proactively review contracts
• Improve medical device management
• Create organized central repository for documentation (examples: governance documentation, playbooks, procedures)
• Increase IT presence in the clinical setting
• Strengthen partnership between UHIT & operations

Objective: Ensure modern and resilient technology.

Goals Strategies
• Innovate delivery of clinical care, education and research • Enable the pipeline to introduce new and/or disruptive technologies which transform capabilities
• Rationalize and modernize our application portfolio • Define & launch our unified cloud strategy
• Evolve to a unified data architecture across UHIT • Conduct comprehensive review with documented modernization plan and disaster recovery strategy for all applications
• Increase disaster recovery solutions and capabilities • Modernize customer experience
• Establish unified UHIT data governance workgroup for oversight, workflows, cataloging and lineage requirements