Governance and Strategy

Our governance combines IT strategy with business strategy to ensure that decision making is aligned across areas. It is made up of a number of advisory groups that feed into governance committees up to our IT Steering committee.

IT Strategy

Our governance committees and satisfaction survey are used to develop our strategic plan. Our current strategic plan for 2017 - 2022 is a five-year roadmap aimed to bring innovative and exemplary technical expertise and support to our community users. The Strategic Plan is made up of six key objectives, each lead by one of our chiefs officers. Each objectives' goals are comprised of two or more targeted metrics that are tracked by quarter.

  • Provide World Class Services and Systems
  • Ensure Resiliency of IT Infrastructure
  • Be the Best Health IT Department to Work For
  • Innovate Delivery of Care
  • Innovate Delivery of Education and Research
  • Decrease Unit Cost of IT

User Satisfaction Survey 

Our strategic plan is based on a number of factors and is heavily influenced by direct feedback from our community of users. One pathway we receive feedback is through our annual ISS User Satisfaction Survey. Future iterations of this survey will request feedback for all UCLA Health IT teams.