What is InfoView?

InfoView is a SAP BusinessObjects tool. It is a web based portal that collects and consolidates a broad range of useful Clarity reports, WebI reports and WebI dashboards. InfoView presents these reports/dashboards in a secure, focused, and personalized view to our UCLA Health users.

Please refer to the InfoView Access Tip Sheet for access instruction. 

What is WebI?

WebI is a visual reporting tool that provides self-service access to data and allows the user to access, analyze, and share data easily. On WebI users can query their data sources to answer specific business questions without having to know SQL coding language, or anything about the underlying data structure (universe). WebI is access through the web portal called InfoView.

What is Crystal?

Crystal Reports are an SAP BusinessObjects application used by OHIA Business Intelligence (BI) Developers to create complex reports with presentation-quality content that pull data from the Clarity database.

Crystal Reports can be distributed automatically, via Mednet email or a secure network folder, or accessed on demand from InfoView.  InfoView allows users to run published Crystal Reports on demand using parameters specified by the user.

What is a SAP BusinessObjects Universe?

A Universe is a business representation of an organization's data that helps end users access data autonomously using common business terms. It isolates business users from the technical details of the databases where source data is stored. Universe is a semantic layer that maps complex data into common business terms, or objects, used across the organization, such as product, customer, region, revenue, or margin. They make it easy to access, manipulate and organize specific information.