Nursing informatics is the specialty that transforms data into needed information and leverages technologies to improve health and health care equity, safety, quality, and outcomes.

We contribute to achieving the important goal of improved health of populations, communities, groups, families, and individuals.

Our vision is to create innovative, efficient technological solutions that enable clinicians to provide safe, high-quality care for patients, families and the community.

Learn more about the projects lead by Nursing Informatics at Give Back Time.


Giving Time Back hero image

Giving Back Time: Transforming Nursing Workflows

In the pursuit of providing leading-edge patient care, UCLA Health IT's Nursing Informatics team partnered with Nursing on our Giving Back Time initiative to optimize workflows and increase valuable time with patients.

Lynn Mayer

Simms/Mann Family Foundation recognizes Lynn Mayer

Lynn Mayer, MSN, RN-BC, Nurse Informaticist, is among the 40 nurses recognized by the foundation, through Off the Chart: Rewarding Nursing Greatness, working at four medical centers in the Los Angeles area.

HIMSS Preview with UCLA Health Nurse Informaticist

Making nursing workload equitable with algorithms

Stesha Selsky and Meg Furukawa, nurse informaticists for the UCLA Health System, discuss how algorithms produce individual workload acuity scores using patient chart information in their HIMSS23 presentation preview.

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