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Welcome Clinic and Practice Managers!
The below resources have been developed to guide you through using IT resources to manage and run your clinic efficiently.


If you haven't already, the best way to get started is to attend our MGR100 Course: ISS Orientation for Clinic Managers. This 4-hour course focuses on leveraging reporting & data tools in CareConnect, understanding the different communications tools for patients and staff, and how to navigate IT resources to get support for you and your team.

Register for MGR100: ISS Orientation for Clinic Managers

  1. Go to MGR100: ISS Orientation for Clinic Managers on Cornerstone
  2. Log in with your Mednet username and password
  3. Next to each session date and time, click the drop-down arrow next to View Details and click Request 

    Request button on Cornerstone

    Note: Click Show More at bottom of page to see additional sessions.

Manager Toolkit     Review all the resources at your disposal. This Toolkit will act as your guide throughout the process. 


Get started

DUO for Multi-Factor Authentication adds extra security by asking you for another piece of information via your cell phone, tablet or land line.

Please note, UCLA has two DUO accounts: UCLA Health Sciences IT for Mednet accounts and UCLA Logon for Bruin Online (BOL) accounts. 

For UCLA DUO: Go to How to Activate UCLA Logon MFA

Off Site and away from UCLA Health Secure Wi-Fi:  If you are not connected to the UCLA Health network, call Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273) before attempting to create a Mednet password, enroll in coursework or log into Mednet email because DUO must be established first. Specialists are available 24/7 to enroll you in Duo.  Please be aware that Customer Care Specialists will confirm your identity prior to enrolling you into Duo.

On UCLA Health Network or connected to UCLA Health Secure Wi-Fi:  If you are connected through the UCLA Health network, you can self-enroll into Duo and manage your device(s) through the Multi-Factor Authentication Self Enrollment Portal.

Note: On Network means that you are connected to UCLA Health Secure Wi-Fi, using a computer workstation physically connected at a UCLA Health facility, or connected by Global Protect VPN when offsite.

You need to change your password for your Mednet account from the temporary password provided to you. 

Note: You must be enrolled into Duo prior to changing your password.

If you do not have your temporary password, please call Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE (2273).  Specialists are available 24/7 to assist you.  Please be aware that Customer Care Specialists will confirm your identity prior to enrolling you into Duo and/or providing you a temporary password.

When you are at UCLA Health facilities, UCLAHealthSecure Wireless Network provides secure, encrypted access to Mednet internal resources and the internet for devices with the appropriate wireless capabilities.

Coverage areas include:

  • CHS
  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
  • Ronald Reagan Medical Plaza 100, 200, 300
  • Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital
  • UCLA Health Clinics
  • Wilshire Center

For Personal Mobile Device

For UCLA Health Mobile Device

  • Guide for remote work is a comprehensive guide to connecting to our network wherever you're working from.

     Guide for remote work
  • GlobalProtect VPN is available to authorized users with an active AD account allowing you to connect remotely to Mednet systems and applications using Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

    More information and instructions on GlobalProtect VPN
  • Trellix/FireEye Endpoint Security is required for all devices (personal computers and UCLA Health issued devices). UCLA Health IT requires Trellix/FireEye Endpoint Security, an endpoint detection and response software, to access VPN.

    Install Trellix/FireEye Endpoint Security 

CareConnect training resources

Note Nursing Staff: will receive an email from an ISS Informatics Trainer with instructions in how to join your onboarding CareConnect training.  Review required setup to complete virtual training →

Log into Cornerstone

You are required to complete the CareConnect training in Cornerstone, UCLA Health's learning management system (LMS). CareConnect is UCLA's electronic health record (EHR) program. 

Access to CareConnect is granted within 48 hours following successful completion of your required CareConnect training course(s), and after a CareConnect template has been applied to your account profile.

Training Guidelines

At UCLA, you will utilize CareConnect, our electronic medical record (EMR) system.  Access to CareConnect requires you complete training prior to your arrival.  By doing so, we can ensure you start your clinical training with the proper tools and skills to use CareConnect effectively.

Training Program

As you are taking your CareConnect eLearning, in order to practice the tools you have learned log into the CareConnect Training Playground (TPLY).

  1. To launch TPLY, go to https://webapps.ccnet.ucla.edu/vpn/index.htm
  2. Log in with your AD username and password
  3. Accept your Duo notification

To launch the TPLY icon, you will need to have Citrix Receiver installed. (See Step 6 below for instructions.)

Tip sheets about using TPLY
To narrow your search, add your role in the search box.

Tip Sheets

CareConnect website has tip sheets and eLearnings. While on CareConnect website, you can view:

Setup your computer

To log in to CareConnect Remote, you must install Citrix Receiver or Workspace App.

View Instructions on how to install Citrix →

After you have installed Citrix on your device, log into CareConnect Remote with your Mednet username and password. 

You will need DUO for multi-factor authentication.

Patient Information is Confidential: Your access to patient medical records allows you to view patient information through a variety of systems.  This information is highly confidential.  Access to patient information is on a clinical need to know basis only.  Online patient information inquiries and updates are monitored and audited, and you may be contacted to justify your access.   All HIPAA regulations apply, and inappropriate use could lead to disciplinary action, fines, termination, and/or criminal prosecution.

All desktops and laptops accessing our secure internal wireless network vis UCLAHealthSecure Wi-Fi or remotely via GlobalProtect VPN will require: 

For instructions and download links, visit the Device Security Toolkit.

For encryption information on using USB Removable Media and Storage Devices →

If you are looking to buy a personal device to use for remote work, please take a moment to review the computing requirements to ensure your device can run the software required to connect to our network. Review computing requirements →

For remote access to UCLA Health systems and applications that require a direct connection to the network.

Log into GlobalProtect VPN

Note: GlobalProtect VPN Portal is only accessible when disconnected from the Mednet network.

Learn more about Global Protect VPN →

Note: You DO NOT need VPN access or encryption to log into:

You will still be able to access both with your Mednet AD name and password and authenticating in with Duo.

OnGuard will check if your computer is properly encrypted and allow you to connect to UCLAHealthSecure or, for remote users, GlobalProtect VPN.

Download OnGuard for Window   Review OnGuard Windows Instructions

Download OnGuard for MacOS   Review OnGuard MacOS Instructions

Training and development resources

The Learning and Development team at CORE offers opportunities for employees at all levels of the organization to expand their knowledge, enhance their leadership skills, and connect with the mission and vision of the organization.

The catalog provides a full list of courses and workshops available from July - Sept 2021. It includes course descriptions, dates, and direct links to access the learning.

Cornerstone is UCLA Health's learning management system (LMS).