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Box allows us to share our files on the cloud to be able to access from any device anywhere. Leverage Box to share files with your colleagues.

Guide for Box
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We can’t stress enough the important role that every member of our community plays in keeping our systems safe and our patients’ data secure. 

Guide for cybersecurity
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Device security toolkit

Use our helpful guide to ensure that your device will be able to connect to our UCLAHealthSecure network.

Device security toolkit
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Learn how to use Qualtrics to help you gather insights on your colleagues or patients.

Guide for Qualtrics
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Remote Work

Use this guide to help you get connected and stay secure while working remotely.

Guide for Remote Work
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Spok Mobile

Spok Mobile Paging app is UCLA Health's application for secure paging. Learn how to setup and install Spok to your mobile device.

Guide for Spok Mobile Paging
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Teams is a workspace that brings people across UCLA Health, or within your department, together to communicate and collaborate.

Guide for Microsoft Teams
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UCLA Health iPhone

A UCLA Health provided iPhone can help you stay connected to all UCLA Health notifications in one place.

Guide for UCLA Health iPhone
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At UCLA Health, we leverage Zoom for web and video conferencing. Learn more about Zoom.

Guide for Zoom