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Streamline communications, improve productivity, optimize in-person time, and increase employee engagement, all with Zoom Workplace. Zoom Workplace is the upgraded Zoom desktop client for both Windows and Mac. Zoom will slowly roll-out the update on all devices or update at your own convenience, learn how →

We've highlighted some of the new features below!

Zoom Workplace

Visual refresh

Zoom visual refresh

The Zoom desktop app has been overhauled with new icons and new color schemes. You can select color schemes by going into your Settings. These will be available when your Zoom app is set to Light Mode.

In-meeting toolbar

Zoom in-meeting toolbar

A toolbar, available during meetings, can be customized by dragging and dropping icons to adjust meeting features specific to your needs. The in-meeting security tab is now located under the "Host Tools" icon.

Multi-speaker view

Zoom multi-speaker view

The multi-speaker view will dynamically adapt the video layout by displaying enlarged views of current and recent speakers' videos, while showing other participants' views in a smaller gallery.


Zoom multi-share

Now, participants can share content simultaneously, and participants can see each other's shared content as individual tabs in the meeting window.


At UCLA Health, we leverage Zoom for web and video conferencing with our internal or external colleagues.

As we move towards communicating more frequently through online meetings and online training/instruction, it is important for us to commit to being good hosts and attendees. Whether we are in person or online, let’s commit to upholding CICARE and Cultural North Star values.

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Getting started

Zoom is available to UCLA Health faculty, staff, and students at no cost with the use of your Mednet account and password. 

Log into Zoom on the web

Install Zoom on your device

Screen shot of Zoom clips

Try the new Zoom Clips feature!

Use Zoom Clips to record, edit, and share high-quality short-form videos! Zoom Clips offers a convenient solution for capturing both your video and screen content and easy sharing.

Learn how to use Clips
Zoom Notes

Take notes during a meeting in real-time

Zoom Notes allows users to collaborate before, during, and after meetings to help drive productivity and alignment

Learn more about Zoom Notes


Illustration of video conferencing participants

Be an engaged participant

Virtual meetings have become the norm in the UCLA Health community and has allowed us to continue to connect and work together. However, as prevalent as these meetings have become, demonstrating engagement in a meeting can be a challenge. We've found some helpful links that can help you be an engaged participants.

Man at computer

Be a stellar Zoom host

While Zoom has allowed us to stay connected with our colleagues wherever they're working from, it has also caused fatigue or disengagement in meetings from our participants. But Zoom has a multitude of settings and features that allow the hosts to make their meetings more engaging and interactive. We've listed a few helpful links to help you take your meetings to the next step!

Guard your work and secure your meetings.

Illustration of a conference with lock and key

Start with the basics

Make sure you are using the latest version of Zoom to protect against vulnerabilities. Check what version you're on and update if needed

Schedule secured meetings

Make sure your meetings have one of the following enabled:

During a meeting

Manage unruly participants by removing them from the meeting or suspending participant activities to give you a chance to remove and report the unwanted guest without allowing them to continue to be disruptive.


New Zoom AI Features Not Enabled at UCLA Health

Zoom recently released two generative AI features – ‘Zoom IQ Meeting Summary’ and ‘Zoom IQ Team Chat Compose’ as a free trial to some non-EDU customers, which offer automated meeting summaries and AI-powered chat composition. These changes currently DO NOT impact UC-hosted Zoom meetings. They also DO NOT affect the Zoom chat feature.

Looking for additional information?

Training and instructions are available on Zoom Learning Center.

Zoom Support

Live training webinars

How-to video tutorials

The Maximizing Productivity with Zoom event was held on Thursday, April 25, 2024. Find links to the topics we covered below. 

View the presentation deck on Box 

Learn more about using Zoom at UCLA Health
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