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Emotional Manipulation in Phishing Emails
Phishing emails that play on emotions often begin with attention-grabbing subject lines, designed to spark curiosity. Cybercriminals, posing as trusted entities or individuals, may appeal to a target’s desire for recognition or validation.


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UCLA Health Information Technology (IT) is comprised of three technology groups deeply rooted in cross-functional collaboration that serve the UCLA Health enterprise in various, and often overlapping ways. Whether we are supporting the clinical needs of the the Health System, the education and research needs of the Health Science Schools, or the data an analytical needs that helps to drive it all, our staff and teams are dedicated to the UCLA Health mission areas of patient care, education, research, and community impact.

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Clinical Systems for Patient Care

In addition to maintaining the central technology infrastructure for the UCLA Health enterprise, Information Services & Solutions (ISS) also provides services and development for business, financial and clinical applications such...

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The Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) serves the data and analytics needs of UCLA Health
Data and Analytics

Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) serves the data and analytics needs of across UCLA Health, Faculty Practice Group, and David Geffen School of Medicine. Offerings include clinical, financial...

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Digital Technology (DGIT) serves the Health Sciences side of the organization
Research and Education

Standing for 'digital technology', DGIT provides a dynamic portfolio of services and capabilities that support education, research, analytics, web development, and administrative functions for faculty, students, and staff. Offerings include...

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Illusion of Flattery

An effective email phishing technique employed by cybercriminals is exploiting emotions, with flattery being a key element.

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