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Welcome UCLA Health Nurses
We want to ensure that you have everything you need and are set up for success at UCLA.

Attention: Clinical Administrative Care Partner


If you have been hired as a Clinical Administrative Care Partner, much of the information on this site will not pertain to you.  There are two different orientation tracks for Clinical Administrative Care Partners. You may attend one or three days of orientation based on a few factors.  Please click the 'View detailed orientation schedule button' to review your orientation schedule based on your start date.

You will attend a 7 hour CareConnect training class during your first week of hire.  We do not have a test out opportunity for Care Partners at this time.

Orientation Schedule

By completing the following steps, you will be able to access training, files, and applications securely and safely from home. 

Note: Days 1-5 are typically Monday to Friday, except for weeks with a holiday. There is no orientation on a UCLA holiday and Days 1-5 will be adjusted.

  • Prior to Orientation: You will receive three emails. (1) The Center for Nursing Excellence with send detailed information about orientation. (2) Your Human Resources representative will provide you information about how to setup your UCLA Health account. (3) Informatics Training instructor will send an email with a link to a required survey to assess your eligibility to take an exam to test out of CareConnect (Epic) training. Based on your responses to the eligibility survey, you will receive instructions about the test out process or class details. View detailed information in Get started about account setup.  
  • Day 1: CareConnect training and/or test out
    • 8 am to 10 am: If eligible, test out of CareConnect (Epic) training by demonstrating proficiency. You will take a proctored exam at UCLA Health. Upon demonstrating proficiency, you will be required to complete an eLearning module that must be completed on Day 1. It will take up to 48 hours to obtain CareConnect access after completion of the eLearning. 
    • 10 am to 5 pm: CareConnect training at UCLA Health.  This session is for all nurses that do not meet eligibility requirements or did not demonstrate proficiency on the test out exam. You will receive an email with the required eligibility survey and further instructions from your instructor.
  • Day 2: Nursing Orientation via Zoom (8 am to 5 pm) You will receive an email from the Center for Nursing Excellence with a link to the Zoom meeting. 
  • Day 3: Nursing Orientation at UCLA Health (8 am to 5 pm)
  • Day 4: Nursing Orientation at UCLA Health (8 am to 5 pm) 
  • Day 5: CareConnect training / report to unit 
    Based on your training track from Day 1, you do one of the following:
    • Attend CareConnect training at UCLA Health (8 am – 5pm). Refer back to your email from your instructor. After completing all orientation steps, work with your unit's hiring manager for information about the start of your shifts. 
    • If you tested out of CareConnect training, report to your unit for your scheduled shift. Check with your hiring manager for more information.

View detailed orientation schedule


Get Started

Create your Mednet password and enroll in DUO for multi-factor authentication

Before you get started, please familiarize yourself with DUO for multi-factor authentication, and how it is used at UCLA.

  • DUO for Multi-Factor Authentication adds extra security by asking you for another piece of information via your mobile phone, tablet or landline.  If you’d like to receive a push notification on your mobile device for authentication, follow the DUO link above and install the DUO app on that device.
  • Please note, UCLA has two DUO accounts: UCLA Health Sciences IT for Mednet accounts and UCLA Logon for Bruin Online (BOL) accounts. For UCLA DUO: Go to How to Activate UCLA Logon MFA.

As a new employee, you will receive an email with your new Mednet username, temporary password, and employee ID number. Please have this email available then go to:

Change My Password Webpage

  1. Enter your Mednet username
  2. For Current Password, enter your temporary password 
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click OK to acknowledge you are able to enter your Employee ID Number
  5. Enter Employee ID and click Submit
  6. You will be prompted to Protect your UCLA Health Sciences IT Security Program Account by enrolling into DUO for multi-factor authentication
  7. Click Start setup
  8. Follow the steps in how to self-enroll a mobile phone with Duo
  9. After completing DUO setup, click Continue to Login
  10. Accept the DUO authentication request
  11. The final step is to create a new password that meets UCLA Health password security requirements

    1. Enter a New password and Confirm new Password
      Note: As you type in a password, notice the requirements will have a check mark as they are being met.
    2. When all requirements are met, click Submit


Complete CareConnect (Epic) Training or Test Out by Demonstrating Proficiency

CareConnect is UCLA's implementation of Epic.

All nursing staff will receive an email from an Information Services and Solutions (ISS) Informatics Trainer with a link to a required eligibility survey to assess your eligibility to take an exam to test out of CareConnect (Epic) training. Based on your responses to the eligibility survey, you will receive instructions about the test out process or class details. The eligibility survey must be completed prior to Day 1.

Review Attendance & Participation Training Policy

Test out by demonstrating proficiency of Epic

New hires with previous Epic experience that meet eligibility requirements will test out of CareConnect training by completing an assessment exam in Cornerstone and demonstrating proficiency. A proficient user possesses a solid understanding of the Epic system and can efficiently navigate and perform essential tasks.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Used Epic as an inpatient nurse in another organization.
  • Used Epic as an inpatient nurse for a total of 12 months. 12 months maybe combined from different organization but within the same role.
  • Used Epic in the last 6 months in the same role you were hired for at UCLA Health.
  • Only available for inpatient nursing, excludes perioperative and emergency department.

How to test out:

Upon completion of the required eligibility survey you will receive an email with information about testing out of CareConnect (Epic) Training. 

Testing process will start on Day 1 at 8 am at UCLA Health. You are allotted 2 hours to complete the test. Mednet account and password must be setup prior to take the test.

  • You must score 80% or higher on the exam to demonstrate proficiency. 
  • At the end of your exam you will be notified if you have achieved a proficient score or if you will need to attend the CareConnect class starting 10 am on Day 1. 
  • If you achieve a proficient score, you will be instructed to complete a series of eLearnings that will highlight UCLA specific workflows in CareConnect.  You will need to complete those on the day that you complete the exam.  You will be granted access to CareConnect up to 48 hours after the completion of the eLearnings.


Access to CareConnect

Access to CareConnect is granted within 48 hours following successful completion of your required CareConnect training course(s) or testing out of CareConnect, and after a CareConnect template has been applied to your account profile.

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