Qualtrics, a HIPAA and FERPA-compliant online survey platform

Qualtrics makes it easy to generate surveys, process data, and even create reports that help you share your findings. The service can be used to support academic research, teaching, and institutional business, and to reinforce key decisions with insights from colleagues, customers, employees, and more.

Getting started

Qualtrics is available to UCLA Health faculty, staff, and students at no cost with the use of your Mednet email address and password. 

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Advanced features

Qualtrics offers a multitude of advanced features that can help you gain the insights you need with less effort on your part. Below we've listed a few features that we think may help you become a Qualtrics pro.

Looking for additional information?

Contact Qualtrics Customer Support for troubleshooting help and questions or visit the Qualtrics XM Basecamp to access on-demand training videos, live training sessions, and documentation. 

To get started:

  1. Visit the Qualtrics Customer Support page and click on the Contact Support button in the top-right corner or in the Qualtrics XM Basecamp click log in then Qualtrics credentials.
  2. Select the Sign in with SSO option. 
  3. Type in uclahs as your Organization ID.
  4. Log in with your AD credentials. 

Recommended Training: 

Learn to Use Qualtrics   

Building a Survey 

Browse our UCLA Health IT events page to find an upcoming Qualtrics event that might help you on your journey to setting up great surveys.

Introduction to Qualtrics

Watch our Introduction to Qualtrics webinar for a quick refresher on the basics. We've included timestamps on the video to indicate the different topics we covered so feel free to find the section that most interests you!

Advanced Qualtrics: Part 1 

This event was held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 as the first part of our Advanced Qualtrics series. Find links to the topics we covered below. 

Advanced Qualtrics: Part 2

This event was held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 as the second part of our Advanced Qualtrics series.

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