Spok Mobile Paging
Get Started with Spok Mobile
Spok Mobile is a smartphone application that replaces a physical pager with an app on an iPhone or Android phone, and provides the ability for secure two-way communication between Spok Mobile subscribers.


Note: We are decommissioning physical pagers and transitioning to Spok Mobile Paging Application. To learn more about physical pager replacement project, view the Unified Communications page.

To cancel your physical pager, complete:
Cancel Service Form

Getting started

Request a new account
Use the form to request a Spok Mobile paging license
Update Phone Number
Update your phone number on your Spok Account
Setup Spok Mobile
Use this guide to download and setup Spok on a mobile device.

Reminders to Update Settings

Important: For Spok Mobile to work properly and ensure you receive all your pages, complete the below setting changes:

Turn on notifications if Focus Mode is enabled
When Focus Mode is enabled, the Spok Mobile notification will be silenced and not play sound until you take steps to enable.
Turn on Do Not Disturb (DND) and Mute Override on an iPhone
iPhone users must switch on both Critical Alerts and Override Mute Switch to override the iPhones’ do not disturb and mute switch.

Allow Push Notification for Spok Mobile app on your mobile phone.
Receive your notifications immediately. Do not schedule notification summary.
Do not enable notification summary for Spok Mobile
Make sure the Spok Mobile app’s toggle is off for ‘Apps in Summary’ in Device Settings. If added, the Spok Mobile app will not notify (play sound) when the user receives any message.

Be sure your phone alert volume on your phone is not set low or on silent
Turn up your volume for alerts so you are able to always hear it.
Turn off ‘Low Power Mode’
Be sure you have cellular data and Wi-Fi data turned on at all times.