Unified Learning Environment for Analytics & Data (ULEAD)

ULEAD is a cloud-based, secured platform with compute, storage, and tools for analytic needs of users. The goal of the ULEAD platform is to protect PHI data while making it available in a secure manner for UCLA Health Community. It offers the UCLA Health community many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Streamlined process for data access
  • Reduced burden of data release approval as the data will remain in a secure environment
  • Access to compute resources that are more powerful than users’ local laptops or desktops
  • Scalable architecture to support growing business needs
Infographic of available ULEAD features such as the ability to bring in your own data, connect to OHIA Analytics Ready data sets, and secure collaboration between multiple parties.

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ULEAD has various applications and software that are already made available.

Application Catalog 

If users require any new application or software to be installed in ULEAD, they must send an email to ULEADSupportTeam@mednet.ucla.edu. OHIA ULEAD team will coordinate the installation. Some applications or software may require the users to bring their own licenses. If users are not sure if a software they are requesting is licensed or not, they can send an email to ULEADSupportTeam@mednet.ucla.edu.

Standard Offering:

  • Collaboration folder  
  • User folder
  • Data Transfer Folder

Standard Offering:

  • Windows Published Apps (Shared compute):  vCPUs:8   RAM: 16 GB

Other offerings (based on Use cases or application licenses):

  • Shared Desktop (Shared compute): vCPUs:8   RAM: 16 GB
  • Linux desktop (Dedicated): vCPUs:8  RAM:16 GB
  • Windows Desktops (Dedicated): vCPUs:4  RAM:16 GB

Extended Compute Options (recharges apply):

Additional Resources

Every ULEAD user will be provided with a ULEAD User Guide. This guide will have instructions on how to effectively work in the ULEAD environment. Please refer to ULEAD FAQs for common questions and issues. Please refer to ULEAD Release Notes for announcements and update details. 

Curious to see how ULEAD works? Check out the ULEAD Demo for an overview of the platform. 

ULEAD will be made available to the UCLA Health community in multiple phases. If you are a researcher working with CTSI or DIAAG please contact the respective teams to request access to ULEAD. 

For any questions about ULEAD, users can send an email to ULEADSupportTeam@mednet.ucla.edu.

ULEAD Office Hours: OHIA team also hosts ULEAD Office Hours meetings two times a week for any additional support for the users. See below for schedule and meeting link. 

Mondays from 9:00am - 9:30am Fridays from 2:00pm - 2:30pm