What is UReport Catalog?

UReport Catalog is a library of reports in Collibra. It lets you explore and search through UCLA Health's extensive catalog of available active reports. There are about 4,000 reports in the catalog that span multiple UCLA Health functions including; Clinical, Operational and Financial. These reports can be accessed using a variety of reporting tools including Crystal Reports, Epic Crystal Integration (ECI) reports, Reporting Workbench (RWB) Reports and Radar Dashboards.

UReport Catalog

Benefits of the UReport Catalog

  1. Quick and easy way to find existing UCLA Health reports
    • Text based search
    •  Search by the reporting tool used to prepare the report
    •  Advanced filters
  2. Better understanding of each report through an overview which includes
    •          A description of the report
    •          Date the report was last reviewed
    •          The tool used to prepare the report (Crystal Reports, RWB, etc.)
    •         The unique identifier for each report
    •          Location of each report
  3.    Reduce duplicate efforts by avoiding the re-creation of already available reports
  4.    Expedite creating new reports by modifying the already available reports
  5.    Reliable decision making based on a catalog built on our data governance platform​

Accessing the UReport Catalog

Step 1: Any employee of UCLA Health can view the catalog. Click the UReport Catalog link below.  

UReport Catalog

Step 2: Upon clicking the UReport Catalog link, the user will be asked to sign in using their Mednet credentials.

Step 3: Once the user is logged in, they will see the Catalog homepage in Collibra as shown below. Click the 'Reports' link to go to the UReport Catalog page.​

UReport step3