xDR is our platform for data and analytics at UCLA Health

The x being lower case to signify a variable and the DR meaning Data Repository. This variable signifies that there can be multiple types of data, solutions & services or tools in xDR and that it will continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of UCLA Health. It encompasses multiple SQL databases and flat files that contain various types of health information, few of which are listed below.

  • EHR – Epic Clarity, Epic Caboodle, Analytics Ready Data Sets, Discovery Data Repository
  • External Claims – ACO data
  • Patient Surveys

Our xDR platform encompasses data stores, solutions and services, and tools

xDR Image

The data stores are contained in both on premise infrastructure and our cloud-based Azure environment.  We consider Azure to be an extension of the on premise xDR and we have the ability to move data between on premise and cloud storage as needed.

The solutions and services offered within xDR, including Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Tableau Server allow users to manipulate and stage data for use with our available tools.

The tools pictured on the right are offered to users through secure virtual desktop environments.  These tools, including Tableau, Power BI, Jupyter notebook and others, allow for analyzing, modeling, and visualizing data.

To request access to these Data Sets, please visit the CART page.

Data Access Requests