SlicerDicer is a self-service data exploration and reporting tool within CareConnect

SlicerDicer allows physicians, department managers, and other users to search aggregate information on CareConnect patient-based populations. For instance, you would be able to view the total number of pediatric patients with a flu shot in the past 30 days. Right in CareConnect, you can examine trends, drill down to line-level details, and jump to related records to follow up. 

With SlicerDicer, users can search for free text in lab results, combine similar elements on the fly, and jump into patient charts. Users can create visualizations, including vertical and horizontal bar graphs, line graphs, maps, and tree map charts. SlicerDicer can show results using a variety of different measures, including totals, percentages, averages, variance, maximums, and minimums. For more details see the training materials below.

SlicerDicer's base population includes all active UCLA patients (i.e. patients seen at UCLA since the CareConnect Go-Live, March 2013). UCLA-affiliate data will not be shown without the proper security. Data in SlicerDicer is at least a day old, and reflects the data entered into CareConnect. SlicerDicer is not an appropriate tool for reports that require real-time data. It is not to be used to identify or research specific patients outside a provider’s own patients. If a clinician seeks data beyond the scope of their patients, they should submit a data request to OHIA through their standard department request process.

Cornerstone Training Now Available

ELRPT300 SlicerDicer


Learning Objectives:

  • SlicerDicer: It’s Possible Video
  • Webinar (with Dr. Cheng)
  • SlicerDicer Visualizations
  • Sharing and Saving SlicerDicer Sessions
  • Introduction to SlicerDicer for Revenue Applications
  • Tracking Denials and Payer Performance with SlicerDicer
  • PB Denials SlicerDicer Overview
  • HB Denials SlicerDicer Overview
  • Ratios and Custom Formulas in SlicerDicer
  • Explore Patient Data in SlicerDicer
  • Advanced SlicerDicer Tips
  • Exploring SlicerDicer Webinar Slides


For more details see the training materials below.

Who can access SlicerDicer?

All CareConnect users can access SlicerDicer. It is enabled for you to access data models most pertinent to your role.

*CareConnect will have a built-in eLearning tutorial to complete before you access the SlicerDicer tool.

How to Access SlicerDicer?

There are two ways to access:

1. Click the Research drop-down menu from the main toolbar, and click SlicerDicer

 2. Navigate to Chart Search, type SlicerDicer and select