Executive Dashboards: A collection of Tableau dashboards that aid in executive decision making. (Limited access to senior executives)

Real-Time Dashboards: Operational dashboards targeting high value areas to provide to provide immediate actionable information and transparency.  

Discovery Data Repository Dashboard: A cohort discovery tool which can be used to view and query the data in the Discovery Data Mart. One can determine the number of patients and encounters in the data mart, by filtering the data using parameters such as diagnosis, procedure, medications, age and gender.

MOVERS Dashboard: MOVERS dashboard provides a snapshot of our comprehensive efforts to provide quality care to all of our patients. MOVERS is an acronym that represents the Quality Improvement initiatives we are focusing on as a Health System: Mortality, Outcomes, Value, Experience, Re-admissions, Safety

Physician Specialty & Taxonomy Codes: This dashboard provides a list of physicians, their specialties and sub-specialties, SER Specialty code, and CMS taxonomy codes