Data visualization software

Tableau Desktop is a data visualization software that allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations called dashboards. Tableau helps makes your data actionable, faster. Once connected to a data source, you can build, query, display, analyze, filter, sort, group, drill down, drill up, calculate, organize, summarize, and present data in a variety of ways. You can then share your visualizations with your colleagues within UCLA using a web portal called Tableau Server. Please note, since Tableau is a visualization tool, there may be other reporting tools more appropriate for your needs.

The sources for Tableau Dashboards can vary. Dashboards created by DATs or OHIA can leverage xDR data stores. DATs can also bring in department level data being stored locally; like special mappings maintained by the DAT. Tableau also has connections to external vendors like Salesforce.

Users can access Tableau Dashboards through an online portal called Tableau Server.

Click here to access Tableau Server

To request access to a specific OHIA-developed Tableau Dashboard, please open a service request in ServiceNow.  Please specify in the ticket that is should be assigned to OHIA Self-Service Engagement.

Click here to learn more about Tableau or request access to Tableau Desktop