Reporting Workbench (RWB) is the operational reporting tool that analysts and end-users use to provide real-time, actionable reports

Reporting Workbench reports are written from Reporting Workbench templates, which define the available data a particular report can search and return. CareConnect application teams (including clinical, billing, and front-end applications) release Reporting Workbench templates for end users. It is possible for the CareConnect teams to modify a Reporting Workbench template or even to create a new one, allowing for a great deal of flexibility within operational reporting. All users with CareConnect access will have access to Reporting Workbench. 

Because Reporting Workbench is integrated into CareConnect, users can take action on the results of a Reporting Workbench report. For example, a Reporting Workbench report on patients may be configured to allow a clinical user to flag a group of patients with a health maintenance modifier, something the user would not be able to do with a Crystal report written from Clarity. 

Before requesting a new Reporting Workbench report, consider the following elements and be prepared to answer each question:

  • Report Description and Purpose
  • Report name
  • Why do you need this data/report?
  • What is the business case for this report? What issue do you expect this data to solve?
  • How does this align with our organization's key initiatives?

___Patient Safety   ___Regulatory Requirements           ___Revenue

 ___Productivity     ___Patient & Family Experience      ___Organizational Impact

What specifically are you going to do with the data?

What decisions will you make or what actions will you take based on the requested data? What will you do with the data itself?

What information needs to be included in the report?
List the data elements you need to perform the actions described above.

Who needs access to this data/report?
Enter the name of the person, group, or role that will use this report. If it is distributed to individual people, include their contact information, such as phone number, email address, and site. Are there any groups of users who should not see this report, such as affiliates or other Community Connect service areas?

How often do you need refreshed data?

How often should the report be run?
For example, annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, ad hoc, other
How long will you continue to need this data?

When do you need this report?

Is there a specific deadline by when you must have this data? For example, two weeks – board presentation

Do similar reports already exist?

If yes, what is the current report name and what is the current source system of the report? Explain how this request differs from similar reports.

For any questions regarding RWB reports, or to request a new report from your CareConnect application team, call (310) 267-CARE.