Tableau Desktop is a data visualization software that allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations called dashboards. Tableau helps makes your data actionable, faster. Once connected to a data source, you can build, query, display, analyze, filter, sort, group, drill down, drill up, calculate, organize, summarize, and present data in a variety of ways. You can then share your visualizations with your colleagues within UCLA using a web portal called Tableau Server. Please note, since Tableau is a visualization tool, there may be other reporting tools more appropriate for your needs.\


Tableau On-boarding

Tableau Onboarding

STEP 1: Initial Tableau Setup
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Once you've become a CoE and have requested for developers to receive access to Tableau, our team will set up at 30 minute discussion with your CoE to go over the Tableau Infrastructure, roles and responsibilities, as well as the forms to complete in order to receive Tableau access and training.

​STEP 2: Tableau Infrastructure
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Once you complete the necessary forms, our team will start setting up your Tableau infrastructure. Once setup is complete, you will get an email with details about your CoEs infrastructure.

STEP 3: Tableau Training
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After your CoE's onboarding and Tableau Setup has been completed, your Manager can register you for TAB102 & TAB103. You can only take training after your access has been provisioned. See next section for details.

Tableau Training

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Online Starter Kit (Newbies)
If you’re new to Tableau or just learning how to produce visual analytics, please watch these Beginner Sessions and get a quick understanding of Tableau's functionality in 30 minutes. This is a prerequisite for TAB102.
Click here to watch!

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Intermediate Training (Techies)
If you think visually or just want to know more about making your visualizations communicate better, then this 4-hour training is for you. Your Manager can register you for the training course in Cornerstone here. Pre-requisite for TAB103.

Topics: Tableau Interface, Connecting to Data, Data Preparation, Creation of Visualizations, Calculations.

Tableau 102 User Guide

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Advanced Training (Innovators)
If you already know how to get the most from visual data analysis but want to up your game, join in on the 4-hour training and prepare to know even more. Your Manager can register you for the training course in Cornerstone here.

Topics: Joining and Blending data, Parameters, Analytics Pane (trend and forecast analysis), Advanced Combination Graphs, Dashboards, Publishing to the Tableau Server

 Tableau 103 User Guide

How to Request

New Tableau Developers
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Open up a ticket to OHIA Self-Service Engagement with the following information about your new developer:  

  • Name
  • AD Name
New Tableau Server Interactors
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Open up a ticket to OHIA Self-Service Engagement​ with the following information:          

  • AD Group of Project that user needs to be added to (You can view the names of the AD groups on your auditing reports or your original "Tableau Setup Complete" e-mail).
  • AD Name of User
New Tableau Server Projects
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Open up a ticket to OHIA Self-Service Engagement   with the following information about your new project:

  • Non-Restricted Information or Restricted Information?
  • Proposed Project Name
  • List of Interactor's AD Name