Hardware recommendations

What are hardware recommendations?  

DGIT’s expert staff is here to help you get the hardware and software you need to do your best work.

We’ve selected devices with generous discounts, optimal performance capabilities, speedy deployment times, and streamlined support options. We can also assist in purchasing custom devices to meet unique needs. 

Please choose a hardware category from the menu on the left. 

How do I make a purchase?

1. ServiceNow

If you'd like to start a new quote request for hardware or software, please open a ServiceNow Ticket. In the "Short Description" field, please be sure to put "Attention DGIT Procurement." 

In the "Description" field, please provide the details of your quote request. For custom hardware configurations, please attach a spec sheet if possible. In addition to these details, please include the following information:

  • If requesting on behalf of someone else:
    • End-User name
    • End-User contact number (cell phone preferred)
    • End-User email
    • End-User location
      • If ordering for a fully remote employee, please note this.

          If you're ordering in bulk, or for a TBD employee, you will be the point of contact.

  • For resident devices, please indicate if CIR/SEIU negotiated educational funds will be used. 
  • Pertinent deployment details (e.g. if ordering a new computer, will this be replacing an existing computer?)

Once we receive your ticket, we'll communicate with you via ServiceNow, sending you detailed instructions for how to review and process your quote. You'll receive our response in the form of an email from Customer Care - ISSCustomerSupport@mednet.ucla.edu - with your ticket number in the subject line. 

2. DGSOM Procurement Portal

If your department utilizes the The David Geffen School of Medicine Procurement Portal, once you've completed the full ServiceNow workflow, please be sure to process your order in the portal as well.

We’ve researched devices and negotiated prices to provide you with recommendations that maximize performance and minimize costs. When you purchase tools through DGIT, you know you’re getting technology that has been strategically selected to meet your unique needs. We also image all devices to ensure the supported productivity and security applications are installed.

  • Compatibility. By standardizing the hardware, we can make sure all UCLA applications smoothly operate across devices.
  • Efficient Support. Since we’re familiar with the devices we recommend, we can better resolve technical issues as they arise.
  • Optimized Security. During the procurement process, we make sure devices meet all UCLA security requirements.