What are hardware recommendations?  

DGIT’s expert staff is here to help you get the hardware and software you need to do your best work.

We’ve selected devices with generous discounts, optimal performance capabilities, speedy deployment times, and streamlined support options. We can also assist in purchasing custom devices to meet unique needs. 

Please choose a hardware category from the menu on the left. 

How do I make a purchase?

1. ServiceNow

We’ve made ordering new devices easier with a new Computer Hardware/Software Order form. Beginning Tuesday, August 1, start placing your orders using the new form. 

Learn more about the new Computer Hardware/Software Order form →

2. DGSOM Procurement Portal

If your department utilizes the David Geffen School of Medicine Procurement Portal, once you’ve submitted your request in ServiceNow, submit your order in the portal as well. To ensure that your purchaser will be able to update your ServiceNow request with your PO, be sure to attach the entire quote email to your portal order, not just the quote by itself.

CIR/SEIU Negotiated Educational Funds

Items purchased with this fund will be the property of the resident, including computer hardware and software. Computers purchased with this fund are exempt from standard policy, thus DGIT will not be involved in their procurement, set-up, or ongoing management. Residents should make a direct purchase on their own, making sure to consult their department regarding their purchasing and/or reimbursement policies beforehand.

For computers, there are no restrictions on what a resident can buy, but we strongly encourage them to review our Computing Requirements page prior to making any purchase.