Educating UCLA Health about IT systems

The Informatics Training Teams provides training and support for CareConnect and other UCLA Health IT systems. From new hire day 1 training to ongoing education of system updates, Informatics Training Teams provides in-person and virtual support.

Team Purpose

To provide users with integrated and innovative engagement & training support for diverse applications and devices, enhancing efficiency and adoption, and empowering clinicians to deliver safe, high-quality care.

Guiding Principles

Welcome to our Training Department, where we uphold a set of guiding principles to ensure a dynamic and effective learning experience for our end-users.

We are committed to providing a conducive learning environment, arming our Trainers with the necessary information, space, training resources, and tools. Our goal is to empower end-users, ensuring they feel well-prepared to excel in their roles.

We believe in fostering end-engagement beyond training sessions. Through a robust online and in person presence, we aim to create a partnership with our stakeholders. By actively communicating needs, seeking clarification, and setting clear expectations, we establish a collaborative environment. Feedback loops are maintained, facilitating open communication channels to best prepare our end-users.

Our training approach emphasizes capturing the most relevant workflows in training assets and application portfolios. We meticulously align the training environment with the curriculum to guarantee a high-quality learning experience for our end-users.

Resource allocation is based on the urgency of commitments and priorities, taking into account existing workloads and prior commitments. We strive for a balanced approach to meet engagement activities and training needs efficiently.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, developing strategies and procedures that harness creative and critical thinking. Embracing new technologies and adopting an open-minded approach, we aim to stay at the forefront of our field. For optimizations, we identify the problems we're solving and develop comprehensive strategies to implement changes.

Adoption activities are viewed as joint endeavors with operational leadership, end-users and ISS stakeholders. We secure operational commitment to training strategies and adoption. Our approach includes regular training reports, reminders on outcomes, and post-training follow-ups or engagement strategies to help keep staff connected.

At the heart of our Informatics Training Department are these guiding principles, driving us to deliver the highest quality services and solutions. We encourage creative thinking, innovation, and a strong partnership with our stakeholders to ensure the success and ongoing development of our end-users.


Our CareConnect website allows you to search tip sheets and eLearning, information about our Adoption and Engagement programs, and training resources provided by our team. 

Meet the Team


Principal Trainer


Melissa Ghobrial

Melissa Ghobrial

Team Lead, Principal Trainer for Inpatient Nursing, Ancillaries, & Vina
Alvira Vickery

Alvira Vickery

Principal Trainer for Fluency Direct, Telehealth, Haiku & Canto, Orders, HOD, Bugsy


Joseph Penaflor

Joseph Penaflor

Technical Lead, Principal Trainer for Beaker, MyChart, Healthlink, and Ambulatory
Lisa Sergy

Lisa Sergy

Principal Trainer for Ambulatory Referrals, Tapestry Managed Care & Tapestry Link