Area of Focus: Fluency Direct, Telehealth, Haiku & Canto, Orders, HOD, Bugsy

Alvira Vickery, originally from the United Kingdom, ventured to Los Angeles in 2010, bringing with her a wealth of expertise in Informatics training and education. Her journey in this field began at the largest corporate hotel and conference booking agency in Europe, where she not only spearheaded training initiatives but also led the training endeavors for the Paris team.

Transitioning her skills to the healthcare sector, Alvira contributed significantly to the NHS in the UK, managing critical applications in Accident & Emergency (ED) and Inpatient Nursing, showcasing her adeptness in healthcare informatics.

Since 2012, Alvira has been an integral part of the UCLA CareConnect training team. Her tenure commenced as a Credentialed Trainer for the Ambulatory application, swiftly elevating her role to the Orders Principal Trainer. In this capacity, she oversees comprehensive training programs catering to inpatient, psychiatric, and surgical providers.

Alvira Vickery has a BA degree in Business Law from Wolverhampton University, England, which has equipped her with a unique blend of legal and business acumen enhancing her approach to healthcare informatics training.

Her dedication to bridging the gap between technology and healthcare practices underscores her commitment to ensuring proficient and informed use of informatics systems within the healthcare domain.

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