Area of Focus: Inpatient Nursing

Melissa Ghobrial started her career at UCLA in 2008 as a resource nurse working in the Emergency Department and PTU.  She joined the CareConnect team in 2011 as ClinDoc Analyst and then as the ASAP (Emergency Department) Principal Trainer. She remained on the CareConnect team until June 2014, when she returned to clinical nursing for a period of time.  She rejoined the Informatics Training Team in 2020 as the ClinDoc Principal Trainer (Inpatient Nursing) and went on to acquire the Vina application and Inpatient Ancillary Departments.

Melissa holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BSN from Andrews University. She is passionate about healthcare training and innovative training methods. Her Epic Certifications include Clinical Documentation, ASAP, Care Coordination, Clinical Documentation Curriculum and Training Environments.

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