Area of Focus: HIMS and Bedside

Miguel Celis is the HIMS Principal Trainer. With a tenure of 7 years within our institution, Miguel has been a part of the CareConnect journey since the Big Bang in 2012, serving as ADT Credentialed Trainer. Post our Go-Live, he was a credentialed trainer for Cadence and HIM.  His dedication and skills led him to serve as the Interim HIM Principal Trainer in 2014.

He left UCLA for two years, during which he assisted in bringing several other organizations into Epic and became a Certified Analyst in HIM, including Coding, Release of Information, Deficiency Tracking, and Identity. As a UC Irvine Psych grad, he has a Project Management certificate and is currently Grand Central Certified.

Beyond his professional achievements, Miguel's passion for exploration knows no bounds. He considers himself a globetrotter, having traveled to more than 25 countries. In his leisure time, he delves into the intricacies of consumer electronics. He indulges in experimenting with new programs, software, games, home automation, and AI – a true tech enthusiast at heart.

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