Areas of Focus: OpTime and Anesthesia

Stephan Watkins began his career in healthcare in 2006 as an Ambulatory Implementation Trainer at Kaiser Permanente. Within a year he was promoted to Ambulatory Principal Trainer due to his knowledge of Epic, ambulatory workflows and exceptional technical skills. Stephan transitioned to UCLA Health in 2012, where he began as an Ambulatory, HOD and Kaleidoscope Principal Trainer. His technical knowledge of Epic training build and environments lead him to take on the additional role of Environments guru in 2014.
Today, he holds dual roles as the OpTime and Anesthesia Principal Trainer and the Lead Technical Principal Trainer at UCLA Health, illustrating his adaptability and leadership in Technical Training and Environments.

Stephan earned a Bachelor's degree in e-Business at California Polytechnic State University Pomona in 2002. His passion for technology and it's use in business led him to be the E-Business student of the year in 2001-2002, and serve as the founding president of the Cal Poly Pomona e-Business Society. 

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