School of Nursing

Welcome to the UCLA School of Nursing homepage for the Health Sciences IT merger! This page is your one-stop-shop for all things related to the IT merger. DGIT is committed to sharing as much information as possible to help you plan for changes. Some of this information includes project timelines, user impact, training materials, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

In addition to this page, we will also send information regarding upcoming changes to your UCLA School of Nursing email.

Intelligent Hub communication

If you use a mobile device to access your email, you should have received an email from DGIT Communications regarding Intelligent Hub on May 12.

Now that we have completed the email migration to the UCLA Health Sciences platform, you will be required to install Intelligent Hub on your mobile device in order to access email from that device. If you did not receive the communication, please email

Email migration is complete

DGIT has migrated the School of Nursing's email from its previous platform to the UCLA Health Sciences.

Your email address did change and you’ll continue to send and receive from that address. All current calendar information, contacts, and shared mailboxes/calendars have been migrated to your new mailbox. Please note all other email addresses are not impacted by this migration.

What changed?

  • Your email address and all its contents moved over to your new mailbox. 
  • You are required to access your email using your Mednet password.
  • Per the UCLA Health Email Policy, HS Policy No. 9453A, Use of Electronic Mail (Email), all faculty, staff, and students must use Health Sciences Email Accounts for any University Business conducted by email. Once the migration has completed, only a @sonnet or @mednet email will be considered an approved address for university business.
    1. For those who do not already have a email, one will be provided for you to comply with the UCLA Health Email Policy. 
  • Accessing your email while off-site will require the use of the UCLA Health Duo (this is a separate instance from the UCLA campus Duo).

Which login should I use?

With the creation of Mednet accounts, we understand the difficulty of keeping track of what username goes with what application. To make it a little easier for you, we've broken down some of your commonly used applications by account below. If you have issues with your account, please contact support for assistance and be ready to verify your identity.

Service Login Information
Computer Mednet username and password
Email and Mednet password
Mednet VPN Mednet username and password
My Desktop Mednet username and password
UCLA Health Box Mednet username and password


Migrating from Campus Box to UCLA Health


Please note the School of Nursing has been migrated to the UCLA Health instance of Box.

In addition to migrating your email address, our teams will be migrating your existing Box accounts to the UCLA Health Box which offers HIPAA-compliant protection for all your files. All faculty, staff, and students will be granted access to Box on Monday, May 10 through the use of their Mednet username and password.


Q:What will happen to all the files I save on the campus instance of Box when the School of Nursing gains access to the UCLA Health Box instance?
A: Any files you save on the campus instance will be automatically moved to the UCLA Health instance as soon as the migration takes place. This means all of your files, folder structure, and collaborators will move over. Feel free to start storing any of your files to the campus instance of Box.

Q: How to share Box files or folders with colleagues at other universities?

  1. Open the Share window. To do this, in your Box files view, hover over the row of the file or folder you wish to share. On the right, click the link icon.
  2. Enter your colleagues email address in the Invite People field. A message box will appear below if you'd like to share anything about the file. Once completed, select send.

Q: Can we transfer files from OneDrive to Box?
A: Yes! Just copy and paste files from your OneDrive folder to Box Drive or drag and drop the files into Box's website.

Q: Where can I download the desktop client?
A: Install the desktop client by following the Installing and Updating Box Drive guide from If you do not have administrative rights on your device, please contact Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273).

Q: Can we install the Box Outlook add-on by ourselves?
A: To access the Box Outlook add-on, you will be required to install the Box for Office tool. The installation does require administrative rights. If you do not have the ability to install on your device, please contact Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273).