Mandatory Windows Security Software Updates

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a secure environment, we are installing monthly security software updates on all DGIT-managed Windows computers, including computers in clinical spaces and research labs connecting to the UCLA Health network. Please note that computers identified by DGIT and the research community as sensitive-to-patching will not be affected.

Expanding DGIT’s support to the schools of Dentistry and Nursing

A few years ago, we began transitioning IT services and support for the UCLA School of Dentistry and the UCLA School of Nursing to DGIT. This change would allow us to provide the benefits of a large IT organization, including 24/7, 365 days/year support, and access to secure, HIPAA-compliant services such as UCLA Health’s instances of Box and email.

DGIT Support throughout COVID

Last year, our community was urged to move all work from our on-site offices to completely remote within a few days. While, fortunately, our teams within DGIT and ISS had the tools available to facilitate remote work, we had to quickly make sure everyone could have the same access.

Introducing Client Service Pods

Part of our goals with DGIT 2.0 is to create a greater focus on client experience and determine what’s working and what can be improved. With that in mind, we will be restructuring our current support model and shift to a “pod” support system.

Message from dCIO - Summer 2021

Hello everyone,

Throughout the last year, as I met with our colleagues in the DGSOM, UCLA Health Science Schools and across UCLA Health IT, I have been struck by the overall level of talent, collegiality, mutual respect and commitment reflected in conversations and interactions. I am very proud and enthusiastic to be in DGIT, a strong and capable team, and am thrilled to lead in our mission to provide innovative technology and exceptional service.

Health Sciences Development IT Merger


This is your one-stop-shop for all things related to the Health Science Development IT merger. DGIT is committed to helping you navigate through the most recent changes made to your IT support and services. Some of this information includes, training materials and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Procurement Portal Updates

We are excited to announce that the Procurement Portal is being updated to improve the current workflows and usability while also updating the look-and-feel.

DGIT's Software Development team will be updating the portal in waves through July. Each release will satisfy the requests and suggestions of the different uses for the portal. This page will list all changes being made to the portal with references to training materials developed for enhancements.

UCLA Health Acquia MVP

In February 2020, we launched the new UCLA Health IT website as the Acquia minimum viable product (MVP). A product MVP provides a basic and minimum set of features for users to adopt, modify, and grow based on their needs. This means that this website is only a small proof-of-concept, paving the way for Health Sciences websites to migrate in the future.

Services available to all Mednet users

Did you know...?

With a Mednet account, you can access various productivity services for free!

DGIT has heard the needs of the Health Sciences schools’ and is able to provide all members of the UCLA Health community with services that are aimed to make your daily work easier. We are able to offer all users with a Mednet account free licenses to the tools and applications below. Click on each service to find out more information on how to access or find if its right for you.

Women’s IT Leadership Journey: What We Learned

In case you missed it...

WITH U, Women in Tech Health – UCLA, formed in 2018 to empower women and provide the tools needed to help them drive their careers. To achieve this, women in UCLA Health IT got together to build an inclusive network to empower women to lead, rise, and tackle the challenges of a changing IT landscape. Since their founding, WITH U has led the “Building Connections” program to give women the tools and resources needed to build their personal brand and use it to drive their career to the next step.