Image of technician supporting staff

Part of our goals with DGIT 2.0 is to create a greater focus on client experience and determine what’s working and what can be improved. With that in mind, we will be restructuring our current support model and shift to a “pod” support system.

What does this mean?

Our desktop support team, Client Service Managers, and Business Relationship Managers will be broken into smaller teams to form various “pods” who are focused on supporting their assigned departments so that you always see familiar faces. Forming pods allows our teams to become better acquainted with a specific department and its needs so that we are better prepared to resolve your issues. BRMs will serve as your local technical experts who understand the intricacies of your department needs, while our managers will serve as our technical leads in delivering support in a timely and effective manner.

How does this impact the support I get?

We expect this change will improve the support you’re already receiving. The technicians who are assigned to your issue will be knowledgeable about your department, the software your team frequently uses, and will eventually become familiar with you and your preferences.

When will this change take place?

We will be piloting this new structure with the Department of Medicine beginning June 2021 and begin slowly rolling out more pods for all departments as we continuously improve the pod concept after our pilot.

How will I request support under the new pod model?

Our contact for support will not change. You may email, call, or submit a ticket via ServiceNow as normal. With the pods in place, your ticket will be reviewed and processed by the technicians and managers assigned to your department so that you can be confident your issue will be in the hands of those most knowledgeable about your environment.

As we begin to roll this out, we would love to hear your feedback! Make sure to contact your department’s Business Relationship Manager and let us know how this new structure is working for you and your department.