Macbook sitting on a table

UCLA Health IT teams have confirmed compatibility with commonly used applications and the Big Sur and Monterey macOS. To upgrade, you’ll need to update the commonly used applications to their latest and compatible versions. If you are interested in upgrading your IT-managed device to Big Sur, contact Customer Care with your computer name.

Make sure you are running the latest versions of Global Protect VPN (v5.2.7) and OnGuard (v6.8.9). If you have not updated the applications, please do so by clicking the links below prior to upgrading your macOS. 

Upgrade your applications to be compatible with the newest macOS:

Application: Box Drive

Impact: Update Box Drive to version 2.24.193 and later.

Application: FireEye

Impact: *CiscoAMP is no longer being supported as of December. Please uninstall CiscoAMP and install FireEye on your device.

Please make sure to download FireEye based on your current macOS: