Data Access Requests

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    Visit the CART Collibra dashboard to Enter a CART Request

    For step by step directions, click here to view the Collibra CART Training Guide

    What is CART?

    CART stands for the Compliance Access Request Tool- a new and improved way to request access to OHIA governed data sets through the Collibra platform. OHIA has retired the paper form data access requests and has implemented the entire request and approval process through custom-built workflows in Collibra. Collibra gives OHIA the ability to create and store customer profiles, store information on our available data sets, automated workflows for the approval process, and create transparency regarding user access to data sets and tools. The Collibra Data Governance Platform is now a hub where OHIA can store information about which users have access to various data sets through which tools for all our Centers of Excellence (CoE). For more information about CoEs and how to create or join one in order to request access to data, please visit our CoE page

    Data Sets in Collibra
    All UCLA Health users need the ability to find, understand and trust the data they are utilizing.  Data Sets allow OHIA to centralize meaningful information to users in a consistent format through Collibra.  All new access requests for provisioning of data will be transitioned to the new workflow in Collibra where in updated data set listing will be required for streamlined approvals and automation. This includes but not limited to backend access to xDR datasources (CoE Workspaces, Data Marts, Universes, Cubes, EDW, MS SQL Clarity) etc.. Once you have access to Collibra, browse the Catalog for a listing of OHIA's available data sets!

    Get Started!
    Whether you are a new user needing first-time access to data or a user with data access from our paper forms process, you will need Collibra access.    

    Step 1
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    Request Collibra Access through ServiceNow
    A ServiceNow ticket is required to receive Collibra Platform
    access with your Mednet account. Please follow the template as outlined in this one-page tip-sheet. You may submit this ticket on behalf of other users who may need access. 
    ServiceNow Guide for Collibra Requests (PDF)

    Step 2
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    Log in and Submit your Profile
    You will be notified that your Collibra access has been granted.
    Log into Collibra ( and browse
    through the CART and DDR dashboards (see next section
    for details). Submit or Edit your User Profile.

    Step 3
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    Accept Data Set Assignment/Compliance Policy

    Self-Service Analytics/Project Manager will assign your data sets. You will receive e-mail notification from Collibra that you have a task to approve the data set assignments and accept the Compliance Policy.  Your data access request will go through the standard approval process before you are granted access.    

    Visit the CART Collibra dashboard to Enter a CART Request

    For step by step directions, click here to view the Collibra CART Training Guide