Internet Explorer is Retiring

  • January 28, 2022
  • News

In 2021, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Edge browser is replacing Internet Explorer (IE). They plan to retire the IE desktop application on June 15, 2022. Edge is a faster, more secure, and a more modern browser than IE.

In anticipation of this retirement, our IT teams will transition sites and applications to Edge browser if they are compatible.  If Edge isn’t fully compatible, Edge offers a feature called Internet Explorer mode that will still let us run our IE-based sites and applications. Please be aware, other browsers (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) will not be impacted by this update. 

Moving to Microsoft Edge will also benefit our employees:

  • One browser, not two. Edge can open both work-critical and external sites, so you don’t need to bounce between Internet Explorer and another browser to open work sites.
  • Fast performance. Edge delivers a more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer with better speed, compatibility, security, and privacy.
  • Unique innovations. Better organize and view your tabs with vertical tabs and quickly access Microsoft apps and files just by opening a new tab.

Install Microsoft Edge on your personal device →


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