New Email Fraud Protection

Effective October 27, we have implemented new email fraud protection protocols on our Mednet domains. Most legitimate organizations and corporations use some form of email security protocols that is approved by our new email fraud protection protocols and will not be impacted.

October is CSAM

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

In this past year, as you may be aware, on top of so much of our work/personal lives moving online we also saw an increase in targeted cyber attacks focused on health systems which has put us in a constant state of heightened alert.

Suspicious solicitations for new bank accounts

UC has learned that names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of some members of the UC community may have been used in attempts to open unauthorized bank accounts at financial institutions such as Chime and Go2Bank.

Learn how to spot impersonation emails

Cyber criminals have gotten increasingly savvy at creating emails that look legitimate. In some cases, rather than using malicious URLs or attachments, an attacker will use social engineering and personalization to trick you into transferring money or sharing sensitive data. For more information on how you can stay safe online, view our Guide to Cybersecurity.