Retiring Internet Explorer 11

Please remember, Microsoft will be retiring the Internet Explorer (IE) desktop application on June 15, 2022. Edge is a faster, more secure, and a more modern browser than IE.

Starting June 15, when your computer performs Windows updates, IE will be removed from the device. 

  • Personal devices will see changes when they update on or after June 15. 
  • Managed devices will see changes after our scheduled updates:
    • June 24: ISS managed Windows devices will be updated
    • July 9: DGIT managed Windows devices will be updated

What to Expect

Managed Enterprise Devices

  • After the update, you will still see the IE icon. However, once you click on the icon, the Edge browser will open and the icon will automatically change to Edge. 
  • Unlike IE, Edge will not be pinned to your taskbar. To pin Edge or preferred browser to your taskbar, view Pin apps and folders to the desktop or taskbar

Shared Workstations (i.e. ClinNets, WoWs, etc.)

  • After the update, IE will be removed from the workstation and replaced with Edge. Edge will be the new default browser. 

What to Do

It is important that you move your saved bookmarks from IE to another browser prior to June 15.  Bookmarks will not be able to be recovered once IE is removed. 


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