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Your computation, storage, software needs met
Highlighting available computation, storage, and software services to meet your research needs.

We've compiled available services and support for computing, storage, and software available to the research community from all available IT units within UCLA Health IT and included some well-known UCLA campus services.

This page compiles resources from across all UCLA Health IT units and additional services offered by UCLA Health and campus. This means some services may not be supported by our teams and we have linked to the owner's site where possible. However, if you have any questions, please submit a ticket and our teams will do their best effort to get your needs resolved. Click here to submit a ticket →

Computation services available at UCLA

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Amazon Web Self-Service

Our AWS Self-Service Portal is our version of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which enables you, the user, to deploy preconfigured AWS services, on-demand, that meet UCLA Health compliance requirements.

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Hoffman2 Cluster

Hoffman2 is a High-Performance Computing Cluster open to the entire UCLA campus with a free base amount of computational and storage resources, and options for purchasing more capacity.

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ULEAD Data Access

ULEAD is a cloud-based, secured platform with compute, storage, and tools for analytic needs of users.

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Data storage services available

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UCLA Health Box

Box offers unlimited HIPAA-compliant data storage that is free and easy to use. The intuitive cloud-based tool provides secure, 24/7 access to files from any location, on any device.

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Data Storage
View our data storage options and schedule a consultation to determine your needs or learn recommendations for enterprise, cloud or other lab-managed solutions.
New Server Request
DGIT offers virtual servers to host systems such as databases, websites, research and administrative applications, and more.

Software recommendations/purchases

Visit the UCLA's Software Central for a list of available products for purchase.

Software Central