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In February 2020, we launched the new UCLA Health IT website as the Acquia minimum viable product (MVP). A product MVP provides a basic and minimum set of features for users to adopt, modify, and grow based on their needs. This means that this website is only a small proof-of-concept, paving the way for Health Sciences websites to migrate in the future.

As the website is only a starting point, it does not showcase the full potential of the new Acquia platform. It doesn't include all design and templating options that will be available for various use cases such as academic departments, labs, centers, or institutes.

To see examples of aspirational UC institutional sites already on Acquia, we encourage you to visit:

Please note that we are also partnering with UCLA Health Marketing, to re-instate a Web Advisory Group that will help with migration timelines based on institutional priorities. We will most more information on the DGIT Acquia service page as it becomes available. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our Acquia product managers, Mayra Solano or Kristen Lineberger.