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DGIT's Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available!

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Coming early 2021, DGIT’s HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Self-Service Portal

As cloud computing becomes more pervasive and incentivized, DGIT is providing this self-service portal to reduce the barrier of entry into “the cloud” and empower researchers to self-provision preconfigured computing resources without needing cloud expertise. This AWS cloud environment enables researchers to build their own servers and storage, install applications, turn on/off and terminate their systems on their own time, and manage billing all within the self-service dashboard.

Available resources will include (list to keep growing):


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To learn more about this service and find out if it’s the right service for your needs, please contact or join office hours with our Research Enablement team to ask any question about this new service offering.

Join us on Zoom for office hours on one of the two dates listed below: