Procurement Portal Updates

We are excited to announce that the Procurement Portal is being updated to improve the current workflows and usability while also updating the look-and-feel.

DGIT's Software Development team will be updating the portal in waves through July. Each release will satisfy the requests and suggestions of the different uses for the portal. This page will list all changes being made to the portal with references to training materials developed for enhancements.

For more information on submitting purchasing/reimbursement requests, visit our Procurement Portal page

What's new

Enhancements released  on 7/16/20
Enhancement Impacted role

Expansion of the User Interface - Create New Order and Notification button has been moved to the right side

All roles

Validating Action Log Labels

  • New —> Order Created
  • Pending Approval —> Order Pending Operational Approval
  • Purchasing —> Order Pending Purchasing
  • Pending Revision —> Pending Further Revision by Requestor
  • Submitted to Corporate Finance —> Order Pending Corporate Finance
  • Financial Approver Review —> Order Pending Financial Approval
All roles
Enhancements released  on 6/25/20
Enhancement Impacted role

Removing line items from and order


Request for revision (skipping approval process)

Member and purchaser
Enhancements released  on 6/11/20
Enhancement Impacted role
Bulk approval of request orders pending approval Operational and financial approver
Bulk assignment of orders to purchasers Purchaser, purchasing queue manager
Unit drop down listing (displaying hierarchy of units) All roles
Tracking code unit parameter disabling Unit administators
Enhancements released on 5/28/20
Enhancement Impacted role
How to handle the "disabled" feature of a unit Unit administrators
Orders requested by month/unit report Purchaser, purchasing queue manager
Orders placed by month/unit report Purchaser, purchasing queue manager
Enhancements released on 5/14/20
Enhancement Impacted role
Member access report (adding or removing members from their unit) Operational approver
- Time to order placed report
                                - Order assignment report
New purchaser/purchasing queue manager reports
Message indicator before session time out Member, operational approver, and financial approver
Improve performance on unit orders report Operational approver, financial approver, purchaser, and purchasing queue manager
Report search functionality Operational approver, financial approver, purchaser, and purchasing queue manager
Enhancements released on 4/30/20
Enhancement impacted role
Report search functionality All roles
"Approve orders"/"My orders" headers relabeled as "My Orders" All roles
Reordering of reporting tab Members, approved (operation and financial)
Access reports Unit administrators
Order status reports Purchaser and purchasing queue manager
Enhancements released on 04/02/20
enhancement Impacted role
Ability to assign a purchaser within an order Purchaser and purchasing queue manager
Added "delete" button in the "Not Submitted" tab All roles
Updates to the "In-Queue Purchaser" report Purchaser role
Updates to the request order from (enforcing the 100% FAU funding) All roles
Separating the delivery address filed in multiple files (address, building and room#, city, state, zip) All roles
Number icon on "Required action" tabs All roles