Business Operations team

Communicating, planning, and facilitating 

With an eye on maximizing benefit to our community, we find and deliver new technologies and process improvements.  

We communicate with staff and users, keeping everyone informed and empowered. We create and maintain websites that connect audiences with services and support offerings.  

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Ashley Bell

Content Strategist

Anita Bilan

Visual Designer

Cathryn Dye

Executive Assistant

Angelique Juarez

Senior Training Specialist

Kristen Lineberger

Director of Digital Strategy

Cindy Rivas

Communications Manager

Nir Shemer

Web Developer

Mayra Solano

Web Product Manager



Device and Software Procurement

Viraj Patel

Vendor Manager, Procurement Specialist

Lukasz Loj

Procurement Specialist



Team structure

UCLA Health IT: DGIT Administration