Infrastructure team

Powering day-to-day operations

We maintain an information technology backbone that supports our school’s day-to-day operations.

We manage hardware and software behind the scenes. We connect systems, servers, and devices. We manage networks and provide the hosting necessary to keep websites, databases, and other technologies running as efficiently as possible.

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“The work we do behind the scenes means that users can leverage their technology without ever having to consider the backend infrastructure allowing it to run.” - Michael Shane Director, Infrastructure




Mike Shane, Director, Infrastructure

Senior Director of Platform Services



Architecture & Engineering

George Tijerino

Manager, IT Architecture & Engineering

Sindhuja Adudodla


Dwight Carlson

Datacenter Engineer

Ta Chien

Sr. Datacenter Engineer

Anthony Palacios

Datacenter Engineer

Michael Pearson

Datacenter Engineer

Juan Sebastian

Sr. Cloud Engineer

Cecil Trevathan

Datacenter Engineer

Nikolay Georgiev

Manager, Cloud/DevOps



IT Operations

John Martone

Manager, Infrastructure Operations

Kevin Bui

Systems Engineer

Steve Lo

Systems Engineer

Simon Meng

Systems Engineer

Marcell Shannon

Systems Engineer


Linux System Engineer



SA Engineering

Tony Lim

SA Supervisor/ Lead Engineer

Troy Alapit

SA Engineer

Greg Baran

SA Engineer

Calvin Cliff

SA Engineer


SA Engineer

Martin Rivera

SA Engineer