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Welcome and congratulations on joining the UCLA Bruin family!

We want to ensure that you have everything you need and are set up for success at UCLA.

Here are a few tools to help you get started:

Getting started

There are a few things you'll need to review and do before you are fully connected to the campus network, but don't worry, you'll be set up in a few steps.

Review the Technology Requirements Checklist

View requirements for personal laptop and mobile devices. 

View checklist 


Review phone enrollment requirements


Under HS Policy No. 9453-C, encryption is required for all types of workstations, mobile devices, and removable media used for any University business.

Review requirements on Mednet 


Set up your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


What is MFA?

UCLA Heatlh: Activate UCLA Health MFA to remotely access Mednet Email, CareConnect, and more.  Activate UCLA Health MFA →

UCLA Main Campus: Activate UCLA Logon (main campus) MFA to remotely access applications protected by UCLA logon ID, including My UCLA, BruinBill, and more. Activate UCLA Logon MFA →


Review the encryption requirements


Encryption is a required data safeguard for school-issued devices.

Ensure compliance in three steps:

1. See if your device is already encrypted.

2. If necessary, encrypt your device using Bitlocker or FileVault.

3. Install OnGuard to access the UCLAHealthSecure wireless network. 


Review our guide for connecting remotely


If you need to log in while off campus, please review our guide for connecting safely and securely.

View the guide →



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