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Travel Tips – Using DUO for Multi-Factor Authentication

As the holidays are around the corner and many people may be traveling, we have put together instructions and tips for using DUO for multi-factor authentication. DUO provides authentication for when you lack cell service, internet access, or when on airplane mode.

Get a Code

When traveling, DUO for Multi-Factor Authentication provides two ways to authenticate when you lack cell service, internet access, or are in airplane mode.

  1. Use a 6-digit passcode that is randomly generated and obtained within the DUO Mobile App by clicking the green key icon.
    • The green key icon appear in the top right side of the DUO Mobile App.
  2. Use a 10-digit bypass code that can be obtain by calling Customer Care.

Use the Code

Once you have a 6-digit passcode or 10-digit bypass code, you will use it to enter it in one of two ways:

  1. Enter it into the DUO passcode prompt (for email/O365, ServiceNow, Mednet Single Sign-On).
  2. Enter your password followed by a comma (for VPN).


  • 6-digit passcode: YourPassword,123456
  • 10-digit bypass code: YourPassword,0987654321

Step-by-Step Instructions

For step-by-step instructions, check out DUO for Multi-Factor Authentication Travel Tips.

Discontinuing Transfer.Mednet File Transfer

On December 31, 2021, UCLA Health IT will be discontinuing use of Transfer.Mednet, the HIPAA-compliant file-transfer service. We recommend using our other HIPAA-compliant file sharing solutions for sharing internally or externally.

UCLA Health Box: Box is our HIPAA-compliant cloud storage solution that allows inviting others to collaborate on a file and a link for sharing documents.

Learn more about Box →

GoAnywhere: GoAnywhere is a new HIPAA-compliant file-transfer service that allows you to send messages and files as secure "packages". Your colleague will get an email with a unique link to each package, allowing them to download the message and files. With GoAnywhere, you can upload files as large as 100GB for sharing. To start using GoAnywhere, call Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE (2273) or email Customer Care to request access.