Research enablement



How can I benefit from research enablement services?

We listen to researchers’ technological needs and provide IT solutions to help enhance our research environment while minimizing technological interruptions and obstacles.

Access type:

  • On Request
If you would like to discuss your research projects, then contact your department's Business Relationship Manager (BRM). Consider your BRM your go-to person for discussing your needs.

Advisory Committees

The Health Sciences IT Prioritization Committee guides DGIT in selecting projects that support the Health Sciences missions and the individual goals of faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and partners.

The Research Enablement Advisory Committee governs projects and initiatives to address the technology needs of the basic science research community.

DGIT Governance Structure

Research Enablement Governance
Representation Across the Health Sciences

To holistically assess and address researcher needs, we established a governance structure featuring representation from UCLA Health and all 4 UCLA Health sciences schools: 

  • The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • UCLA School of Dentistry
  • UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
  • UCLA School of Nursing 
  • UCLA Health

Research Enablement team

Collaborating to enhance research

We aim to understand and address researchers' technological needs and provide IT solutions that enhance our thriving research environment.

Our model’s success depends on:

  • Discovery and enablement
  • Faculty engagement
  • Communication and collaborations

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Service frequently asked questions

What tools do I have available to me?


How do I incorporate IT into my grant?


This list of DGIT resources for the research community has been formatted so it may be easily added to grant applications.


I'm new to UCLA, what should I expect?


Set up your lab without skipping a beat. Onboarding →

What are my compute and storage options?


You have various on-prem and cloud computing/storage options. Reach out to the Research Enablement team with any questions you may have.

Storage and compute options for researchers in matrix form
Can you help purchase computers for my lab?


Yes. We negotiate prices on standard devices and streamline the procurement process. Start purchasing →