Dr. Murad is an Internal Medicine physician originally from California. He was thrilled to return to Los Angeles and join the Clinical Informatics program at UCLA after spending many years away for school and training. His time at UCLA not only exposed him to the vast expanse of clinical informatics but also allowed him to hone his skills in analytics and registry tools, which proved to be instrumental in supporting clinical operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout his fellowship, Dr. Murad had the privilege of seeing multiple projects through from conception to deployment, focusing on areas such as clinical decision support and dynamic documentation. Each project's scope and impact grew progressively, providing invaluable lessons in designing and managing informatics initiatives. He particularly cherished the opportunities to collaborate and publish on informatics research projects with interdisciplinary faculty and was able to continue practicing clinical medicine to the extent he desired.

Dr. Murad now applies the comprehensive training he received at UCLA in his current role at Kaiser Permanente, utilizing cutting-edge analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze large data sets and enhance the delivery of value-based care. He is deeply grateful for the opportunities and experiences afforded to him during his fellowship, which have been crucial in preparing him for his current position.

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