A team looking at a project together

On its face, Qualtrics seems like a very simple tool. Choose your question type (multiple choice, text entry, a form, or rankings etc.), type in your question and possible answers, and then publish and distribute the survey. But Qualtrics is much more than that. Its deceivingly simple interface hides a very powerful tool that can be used to build things such as:

  • An appointment booking scheduler
  • Quiz students or build a patient questionnaire
  • …and so much more!

To learn of the innovative ways our community uses Qualtrics, we reached out to one of our team members to talk about their projects within Qualtrics.

  • “In a recent project, we needed to schedule our technicians to individually meet with a large population of our clients. However, having our technicians personally reach out to 20-30 clients to coordinate a meeting would have been too time consuming and cumbersome. Instead, we used Qualtrics to list available dates and times and then added quotas to each time slot so it reflected the number of available technicians and wouldn’t allow for overbooking. We sent this survey to our clients to have them pick the time that worked best for them and then used their responses to assign a technician to each person per time slot.” – Susan McRae, Project Manager

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