UCLA Health iPhone

This is your guide on how to log into and setup your UCLA Health iPhone and apps.

  • Setup is required by the user after receiving a UCLA Health iPhone. 
  • This iPhone will serve as your UCLA Health Pager using Spok Mobile Paging App.  Spok Mobile will only be activated on your UCLA Health iPhone.
  • This is NOT your own personal device, it is a UCLA owned and managed device that is issued to you during your clinical appointment at UCLA Health.
  • UCLA Health iPhones and phone numbers are UCLA property. We highly recommend you store your personal items and information on your personal device(s). UCLA Health IT is not responsible for personal items stored on UCLA Health phones. 
  • For information regarding Nursing iPhones, please go to Smartphones for Nursing website.

Note: We are beginning to decommission physical pagers and transition to Spok Mobile Paging Application. To learn more about physical pager replacement project, view Unified Communications page.


About UCLA Health iPhone

Included and Not Included


  • Peripheral:  Case, Wired Earpods, Charger
  • Unlimited Nation-wide Voice
  • Unlimited Nation-wide Data
  • Unlimited Nation-wide Mobile Messaging

Not Included

  • No Hotspot
  • No AppleCare
  • No AirPods
  • No porting of cell phone numbers
  • No international dialing and other services
  • No roaming
  • No support for iCloud, contact Apple Support
  • Unable to restore settings and items saved from backup to UCLA Health iPhones
  • You are allowed to install apps from Apple App Store.
    Learn how to download apps from Apple App Store → 
  • You are allowed to delete any of the UCLA Health recommended apps and re-install it again from the U App Catalog.
    Learn how to delete and re-install apps in FAQ → 
  • You are allowed to adjust the dock favorites, move apps and background image.
  • You are allowed to connect to wireless networks, it is recommended to connect to secure Wi-Fi. Some applications will not be accessible if you are connected to public Wi-Fi. While at UCLA Health locations, connect to UCLAHealthSecure Wi-Fi and do NOT connect to Mednet Guest Wi-Fi.
Resources from Apple

Get Started

Request an iPhone

Setup iPhone with Intelligent Hub

Setup for UCLA Health iPhone and Apps (non-Residents)

View Set Up and Resource Guide


Setup Resident iPhone 

Follow this guide to help you sign in and setup your newly assigned UCLA Health Resident iPhone with Intelligent Hub. There is also a video tutorial in next drop down.

  1. Turn on phone. Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays.
    Iphone with apple logo. Arrow pointing at side button
  2. Select Language
    iPhone - Language selection menu
  3. Select Country/Region
    iPhone - Country selection menu
  4. Tap Set Up Manually
    iPhone - Quick start menu
  5. Then prompt to Choose a Wi-Fi Network. We highly suggest tapping Use Cellular Connection instead or connecting to your personal secure Wi-Fi.

    Do not select Medguest or UCLAHealthSecure WiFi networks. When you’re done configuring your phone, it will automatically connect to the UCLAHealthSecure Wi-Fi network whenever it’s available.
    iPhone - Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen
  6. Sign into Intelligent Hub Remote Management with Mednet credentials
    iPhone - Remote Management screen
    iPhone - Login with Mednet username and password
  7. Set up Passcode
    iPhone - Create a passcode
    Setup a numeric passcode to help protect your data. 
  8. UCLA Health Apps will begin to install automatically
    UCLA Health iPhone Home Screen
  9. Open the Hub app (also called Intelligent Hub)
    U Hub App on iPhone
  10. Tap This Device
    Device Screen on Hub
  11. Tap Sync Device
    Sync Menu on Hub app
    The sync process will take a few seconds.
  12. Tap Compliance

    compliance menu on Hub app
  13. Tap Refresh Compliance

    Refresh screen on Hub app

    Under Compliance Overview, you should see Compliant next to the corresponding compliance check.

  14. Go back to This Device

    this device menu

    At the top of your screen, you should see Device Enrolled, Compliant, and Connectivity Normal in green. 

Watch Video Tutorial to Setup iPhone

To help you setup your iPhone, watch the below video tutorial.

Watch full Resident iPhone Set Up Tutorial 

If you only watch a specific section of the video, jump to the section by clicking one of the links below.

Setup Apple ID

If you do not have an Apple ID or do not want to use your personal Apple ID, you may create a new Apple ID. Apple IDs can be created without credit card information.

Apple ID is required to purchase apps on Apple App Store and connect to iCloud. 

If you would like to create a new Apple ID for your Resident iPhone, go to: 
How to create a new Apple ID →

Setup Spok Mobile Paging App

Spok Mobile™ is a critical messaging and alerting application used at UCLA Health. The Spok Mobile Paging app will be installed on your iPhone. 

Learn more in how to setup and use Spok Mobile Paging App →

Note: Spok Mobile can only be activated on your UCLA Health iPhone. You must request to transfer your existing Spok account to your new UCLA Health iPhone before Spok is deactivated on your personal device.

U App Catalog

A convenient way to access and download a repository of mobile apps used at UCLA.  The U App catalog will be available to you once you enroll your mobile device in Intelligent Hub.

For more information, review Mobile Device Management →

Applications - Standard

AirWatch Intelligent Hub

Airwatch Intelligent Hub

A mobile device management software that verifies that all mobile devices joined to UCLA Health internal network are encrypted and will also allow UCLA to secure the data upon separation.

For more information, review Mobile Device Management →

Box for EMM

Box logo

Box for EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is a secure online file sharing and cloud content management application that is supported by UCLA.

Note:  Box for EMM is the only app at UCLA Health on your mobile device; it must be individually installed directly from the U App Catalog after signing into your Apple ID account.

Learn more about UCLA Health Box 

CC Tip Sheets website

CC Tip Sheets & eLearning icon

The main hub for UCLA specific CareConnect questions, which include tip sheets and e-learnings. VPN is required to access tip sheets and training resources.

Learn more about CC Tip Sheets →


Connectd icon

Health care workers face high levels of stress every day, increasing the risk for job burnout, mental and physical health problems, and substance abuse. UCLA Health employees now have a wellness tool — the Connectd app — designed to help better manage job stressors and their health.

Learn more about Wellness app screens for mental health issues, offers resiliency tools →

Doximity Dialer

Doximity Dialer icon

Doximity Dialer allows providers to call patients and have a UCLA phone number appear as the call back number.  There is also a free fax #. Many physicians are active on Doximity similar to LinkedIn.

In Haiku for iOS, the Doximity Dialer App allows doctors to easily make calls while they are viewing a patient’s medical records, and will not display the caller’s personal cell phone number.

Learn more about Doximity Dialer →


Duo icon

Required two-factor authentication service when accessing VPN, CareConnect, Mednet, UCPath and many UCLA medical applications on the Mednet home page. Authentication can be through a text acknowledgment, phone call or passcode from Duo installed on your phone.

Setup instructions for DUO for multi-factor authentication →

Epic Haiku

Epic logo

Mobile version of CareConnect which has many applications. You can view clinic schedules, patient lists, health summaries, contact information, labs and notes. You can add yourself to the care team, order ambulatory laboratory tests, imaging and send prescriptions to outside pharmacies.  You can dictate notes through Haiku, take pictures securely and have it uploaded to Care Connect Hyperspace. Lastly, you can use Haiku for telehealth visits.

Allows for secure texting on mobile devices giving you additional flexibility when interacting with colleagues from a remote location.

Learn more about Epic Haiku →

Epic Rover

Epic Rover

This mobile application will allow you to review patient records on the go. You will have access to reports including most recent vitals, lab results and med administrations, notes, worklist tasks, media, and clinical photos.

Learn more about Epic Rover →

Fluency Direct

Fluency Direct

UCLA offers real-time speech dictation to all providers (attendings, fellows, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and social workers) through a product called Fluency Direct.

Learn more about Fluency Direct →

For an Epic compatible dictation application, you will need to request access by calling Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE (2273) and through your department. Tipsheets and training are available to facilitate training.

Global Protect

Global Protect icon


The Global Protect App will allow you to access the Mednet network remotely.  After you log in with your Mednet credentials accept your Duo to login.


Note: The portal address is:  gpsslvpn.mednet.ucla.edu





MedHub is a Healthcare Education Management application used for evaluations, logging of work hours and your departmental training requirements. Please use your AD (Mednet) credentials to login by clicking on the “login using MedNet ID” button located on the left-hand side of the login homepage.

Mednet website

Mednet homepage icon

Mednet website is UCLA Health's main web page including all major medical, employee and community resources.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams logo

Teams is a workspace that brings people across UCLA Health, or within your department, together to communicate and collaborate. Teams provides one-on-one or group chats, live access of shared Office 365 files, the ability to host private and channel meetings, and review of chat history.

Guide for Microsoft Teams →



An application to view patient radiological scans. May require additional UCLA set-up.


This tip sheet outlines the steps required to view PACS images via the ZFP image viewer and some of the new features.

Spectrum – Antimicrobials

Spectrum - Antimicrobials

An application for antibiotic stewardship guidance, which include antibiograms, treatment recommendations for pathogens and review of antibiotic dosing, monitoring, adverse effects and major interactions.

Spok Mobile Paging App

Spok Mobile Paging

Secure texting and paging. May require additional UCLA set-up.


Learn more about Spok Mobile Paging →

UCLA Mindful

UCLA Mindful

A UCLA developed mindfulness application that is based on scientific research. Includes basic medications, informative videos and weekly podcasts.


Zoom logo

Web based meeting application.  All UCLA residents have access to Zoom.  Training is recommended.

Guide for Zoom Attendees and Host →

Applications - For Residents

The following applications will be pre-installed onto UCLA Health iPhones for Residents. Please review the applications and learn more in how to utilize them during your residency.


Access Medicine

Medical support application including a quick medical diagnosis and treatment, a clinical dermatology atlas, diagnosis tool and quick reference for diagnostic tests.

Amion pager

Amion pager

A clinical rotation scheduling application used by many departments.


Credible Meds

CredibleMeds maintains lists of drugs in four categories based on their relative risk of causing torsades de pointes



Clinician focused tool designed to facilitate efficient and evidence based care. Similar to Uptodate. Medical References.



Medication description application that lists interactions, pill identifier, and dosing calculators.


HippaBridge icon

This is used when rotating at Olive View. HipaaBridge provides a secure, care team collaboration solution that enables you to send text messages to colleagues, hold video calls with patients and share photos and other critical information all without violating HIPAA privacy rules.

Imprivata ID

Imprivata ID icon
This is used when rotating at Olive View. Imprivata ID is a secure authentication application that helps improve clinical workflows for medical professionals for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), remote network access, and others.

MD Calc

MDCalc Medical Calculator

Widely Used Clinical Medical Calculators



Medication review application- lists interactions, pill identifier, dosing calculators.

MKSAP (medical study)


MKSAP is an American College of Physicians Internal Medicine medical knowledge self-assessment program. Material covers core internal medicine concepts and includes questions and answers. This requires purchase by your department.



Secure patient portal to communicate with their providers, review medical resources, history, results, and request refills.  All residents get care at UCLA.



Data analysis platform with robust visual and data features. May require additional access and UCLA set-up.



Ride-sharing application. Certain rides are covered by ACGME.

Learn about Fatigue Mitigation Transportation Reimbursement for Trainees.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Food delivery application. Certain meals on call are covered by ACGME.



Clinician decision support resource designed for evidence based care. 

Visual Dx

Visual Dx

Diagnostic clinical decision support application designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions and improve patient safety.  This may be needed when they travel to the VA.

Suggest new app for U App Catalog

Have a suggestion for a new app to add to U App Catalog? 

Submit a suggestion


UCLA Health iPhone Requests/Notifications

Email Received - Compliance Violation from AirWatch

This is an example email that will go out to UCLA Health Residents if there is a Compliance Violation (i.e., iPhone is not synced, Compliance is not refreshed, Phone was reset to factory settings, Encryption is disabled, Network connectivity is lost, etc.).

Email from VMWare regarding iPhone violation

Note: In this particular example, the user reset their iPhone and thus got this email from VMWare (Intelligent Hub Developer) about Compliance Violation.

If you receive this email – you must complete the following steps

  1. Go into the Hub app on your iPhone 
  2. Tap This Device
    Device Screen on Hub
  3. Tap Sync Device
    Sync Menu on Hub app
    The sync process will take a few seconds.
  4. Tap Compliance

    compliance menu on Hub app
  5. Tap Refresh Compliance

    Refresh screen on Hub app

    Under Compliance Overview, you should see Compliant next to the corresponding compliance check.

  6. Go back to This Device

    this device menu

    At the top of your screen, you should see Device Enrolled, Compliant, and Connectivity Normal in green. 

Email Received - Temporarily Blocked from Microsoft Outlook

This is an example email that will go out to UCLA Health Residents once iPhone has been successfully setup with Intelligent Hub.

Note: Getting your Mednet email, contacts, and calendar in the native iPhone mail app may take up to 2 hours. If it has been more than 2 hours and you do not see your Mednet email, contact, calendar, then please contact Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273). Specialists are available 24/7 to provide support.

Arrow pointing at Device Model: iPhone12C3 on screenshot of an email
  • This email will be sent by Microsoft Outlook
  • This email will include the device model, please refer to grid below for its association to Apple iPhone models.
iPhone9C2 = iPhone 7 Plus iPhone10C6 = iPhone X
iPhone9C3 = iPhone 7 iPhone11C2 = iPhone XS
iPhone9C4 = iPhone 7 Plus  iPhone11C6 = iPhone XS Max
iPhone10C1 = iPhone 8 iPhone11C8 = iPhone XR
iPhone10C2 = iPhone 8 Plus iPhone12C1 = iPhone 11
iPhone10C3 = iPhone X iPhone12C3 = iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone10C4 = iPhone 8 iPhone12C5 = iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone10C5 = iPhone 8 Plus  

Note: In the example above, the phone enrolled into Intelligent Hub has a device model iPhone 12C3, which is an iPhone 11 Pro.

Residents - How do I pick up an UCLA Health iPhone

Residents are issued an UCLA Health iPhone for the duration of time they are at UCLA Health. Incoming Residents will receive a UCLA Health iPhone during Orientation.

In order to receive your iPhone, you will need to provide:

Your UCLA Health ID Badge. A signed and completed Compliance Form
Complete Compliance Form now →  


Continuing Residents pick up your iPhone at:

Center for the Health Sciences (CHS)
Page Operators | A Level A7-180
Mon - Fri, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Directions: The first number denotes the Floor and Corridor, the next identifies the room number. Locate the page operators on Floor A, Corridor 7, Room 180. View map of CHS.


Residents - How do I opt-out of an UCLA Health iPhone

Qualifying UCLA Health Residents can opt-out of the UCLA Health iPhone. 

If you want to opt-out or return an UCLA Health iPhone and plan to use your personal mobile device instead for UCLA Health business and communication, please complete:

UCLA Health iPhone Opt-out waiver form 


Rotating Resident - How do I request an iPhone

At this time, Residents that rotate to UCLA Health will receive a UCLA Health iPhone. This iPhone will be used as their primary pager facilitated by the Spok Mobile App during their time at UCLA Health.  

Resident coordinators and administrators may request an iPhone for a rotating resident by completing the:

Rotating Resident iPhone Request Form 


How many devices can I sync using mobile device management (Intelligent Hub)

By default, UCLA Health Sciences employee can enroll up to two devices.

If you need to enroll additional devices, please consult with your department to pay for a license and fill out a Mobile Device Management License Request Form.

What to do if your iPhone gets lost/stolen/damaged

Please complete all steps below as soon as possible.

  1. Report your lost, stolen, or damaged phone by:
    Submitting Report Lost, Stolen or Damaged Mobile Device form →

    The device will be replaced and your department will be recharged for the full cost.  The cost is based on the current market price of the device. Physical pagers will be replaced with an iPhone with paging service.
  2. Call Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273) to un-enroll your phone from Duo and place the phone on lost mode
  3. IMPORTANT: If the device was lost or stolen, you must complete Lost/Stolen Compromised Device Form and email the form to Office of Compliance Services at CompOffice@mednet.ucla.edu.

UCLA Health Tips and Tricks 

How to add CareConnect Calendar Invites
Mobile view of Outlook calendar
Mobile view of Outlook calendar

Ambulatory Providers, including Ophthalmology, Psychologists and Surgeons, can view their CareConnect Multi-Provider Schedule in Outlook. Appointments and surgical cases will be integrated from CareConnect to Outlook. Users are able to customize the Outlook settings button that is set up for all providers.

Learn how to view your scheduled patient appointments from CareConnect in Outlook 

Note: This integration only works from CareConnect to Outlook.  It will not integrate from Outlook to CareConnect.

How to sync your device

Under Get Started, review Setup iPhone with Intelligent Hub steps 6 thru 12 to learn how to sync your device.

How to delete and re-install U app catalog applications

If you delete a UCLA Health pre-installed application from your iPhone, you are able to re-install the application from the U App Catalog.  Please do not try to download the applications listed above on the Apple App Store. 

Delete application on iPhone

 iphone delete app menu
  • Touch and hold the app
  • Tap Delete App
  • Tap Delete

If you delete an app, you don't automatically cancel any in-app subscriptions that you might have subscribed to. While deleting an app, you might see a Cancel Subscriptions option. 

Re-install application on U App Catalog

  1. From Home Screen, tap U App Catalog.
  2. Select application you want to install, and tap Install.
  3. Pop-up will appear with Confirmation Installation and tap Install.
  4. A green bar at the bottom will state Your request to install was received.
  5. For some applications, tap Install to verify ucla.awmdm.com will install from the Apple App Store. Your iTunes account will not be charged for this app. 

Application will appear on your home screen.

General iPhone FAQ 

How to block unknown callers, messages, FaceTime

There are a few ways that you can block phone numbers and contacts.

Phone calls

  • Open Phone app
  • Under Recents, tap blue information icon next to the phone number or contact that you want to block.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen, then tap Block this Caller.


  • Open Messages app
  • Open the conversation
  • Tap the contact at the top of the conversation, then tap grey information icon.
  • Tap the name, phone number or email address,
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Block this Caller.


  • Open FaceTime app
  • Tap blue information icon next to the phone number, contact, or email address that you want to block.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen, then tap Block this Caller.

AT&T Call Protect

  • Go to Apple App Store
  • Download the AT&T Call Protect app
    Note: you must have setup an Apple ID account on the iPhone to download the app.
  • Open AT&T Call Protect app
  • Tap Enable call protection to autoblock potential fraud calls, get suspected spam warnings, and managed unwanted calls.
  • Enter your UCLA Health iPhone number
  • Enter the pin you receive via text message to verify your phone number
  • Tap Verify
  • You may check or uncheck Remind me to download the AT&T Mobile Security app. 
  • Tap Continue
  • Review terms and conditions and tap Agree to consent.
  • Tap Continue

When you block a phone number or contact, they can still leave a voicemail, but you won't get a notification. Messages that are sent or received won't be delivered. Also, the contact won't get a notification that the call or message was blocked. When you block an email address from Mail, it goes to the trash folder. Email blocking works across all your Apple devices.

You can also enable settings to block spam phone calls.

Additional information on blocking a phone number, contacts, and emails →

How to enable Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is turned off by default. To use Wi-Fi Calling you'll need a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

  1. To turn Wi-Fi calling on, from the home screen select the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to and select Cellular.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Calling.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone switch.
  5. Select Enable.
  6. Scroll to and select Continue.
  7. Enter your Emergency 911 Address, then select Verify address.
  8. If the address is correct, select Use this address. If the address is not correct, select Enter a different address and try again.

How to use Wi-Fi Calling

When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling is on, and a cellular connection is unavailable or poor, you'll see Wi-Fi after AT&T in the status bar to indicate that calls will be carried over Wi-Fi.

Making a call is the same whether on cellular or Wi-Fi. From the home screen, select the Phone app. Dial the desired number, then select the Call icon.

Learn more about making Wi-Fi calls →

How to turn on, off, and force reset the iPhone 

Turn on iPhone

  1. Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays.

Image 1

Turn off iPhone

  1. Press and hold the side button and the volume up or down button until the slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider to turn your iPhone completely off.

Image 2

Force reset iPhone

  1. Press and quickly release the volume up button.

  2. Press and quickly release the volume down button.

  3. Press and hold the side button.

  4. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Note: If iPhone still doesn’t turn on, or if it gets stuck during start up, see the Apple Support article If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won’t turn on or is frozen.
How to setup Face ID

Face ID uses facial recognition instead of your passcode to unlock your phone or sign in to apps. Face ID may make it easier for you to access several key apps.

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. If asked, enter your passcode.
  2. Tap Set Up Face ID.
  3. Make sure that you're holding your device in portrait orientation, position your face in front of your device, and tap Get Started.
  4. Position your face inside the frame and gently move your head to complete the circle. If you're unable to move your head, tap Accessibility Options.
  5. When you finish the first Face ID scan, tap Continue. Gently move your head to complete the circle for a second time.
  6. Tap Done.

How to unlock/lock iPhone
  1. Press the Side button then slide the bottom bar up.
  2. To lock iPhone, press the Side button.

Image 3

Note: iPhone locks automatically if your device is idle for 30 seconds. To adjust the screen lock time, select the settings app Settings app Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > desired lock time.