Medical training at the simulation center

The unveiling of Rosenfeld Hall at UCLA Health marks a collaborative milestone, where diverse teams joined forces to integrate innovative technology into medical simulation training. Internally, we are proud of the contributions UCLA Health IT – DGIT made under the direction of the Simulation Center’s Executive Director to ensure the center's technological needs were met.

Our Audiovisual (AV) team played a pivotal role in creating the training and simulation space. Our team was involved in the review of vendor selection and design for the new audio and visual technology. In collaboration with vendors, AV outfitted Rosenfeld Hall with cutting-edge technology. Their work streamlined simulation training and established seamless connections with operating rooms in the medical center across the street. To add to the training opportunities, AV set up wireless communication between rooms and floors, facilitating live streaming of medical operations and enhancing collaborative learning.

During the construction of the center, various of our teams worked together to purchase, design, and prepare to deploy the technology needed in the space. Our Networking team installed a new robust wired and wireless network infrastructure to create a reliable, smooth, and efficient training environment. The Procurement team ordered the necessary computers and accessories needed in the space and worked with our Engineering team to make sure the new computers complied with the requirements of the vendors and their simulation equipment. The new devices were then configured and deployed by our Client Services team and tested alongside the vendors.

To ensure the facility remains at the forefront of simulation training, a dedicated Audiovisuals Technical Specialist was brought onboard to manage and maintain the advanced audiovisual technologies.

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