You haven’t created a Front Page (Home Page) yet. Please review this page to learn how to get started.

Congratulations and welcome to your new Web Platform site!

Welcome to the Web Platform community! We are excited to help you get your message out to the UCLA community and beyond. We have many resources for you. The Web Platform is constantly growing and improving with changes driven by your feedback and input. We want to hear from you.

Get Started

We have created a dedicated site for anyone creating content on the Web Platform and some key sections are:

  1. Quick Start Guide: Reviews the basics like creating content and how to use the main navigation bar.
  2. For Everyone: This section includes information on the types of pages you can create and/or edit along with best practices.
  3. Managing a Site: Provides information on configuring your site, general functionality, and user accounts.

Next Steps

Bookmark these links to our active Drupal community groups and support resources.

New Users (Content Creators)

Looking to have new users create or approve content? Follow these steps:

  1. Learn about the different access levels.
  2. Have the new user attend the required 101 and 201 courses.
  3. Site owners receive an email requesting approval for new users.
  4. New users receive notification of their access.

Still looking for help or have questions?