Woman working outside of a networking closet

To ensure that the network infrastructure of the Health Sciences schools’ remains at the forefront of efficiency, security, and innovation, our Network Services team conducts routine network refreshes. This year we are set to begin a new refresh project across the Health Sciences schools’ replacing aging equipment to address evolving user needs, maintain cybersecurity, and adopt cutting-edge technologies.

The upcoming refresh is set to integrate Software Defined Access (SDA), a new network technology enhancing security by linking connections to user identity and device type. This transformative step reflects a commitment to staying ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape.

These refresh cycles require extensive planning, involving an 18-month collaboration between our network engineers, service assurance engineers, desktop support, and our network vendors. This meticulous process includes identifying aging or end-of-life devices, procuring new equipment, scheduling outages, and rigorous testing for a seamless transition.

Notably, the refresh significantly boosts network capacity, doubling or tripling it in buildings. This expansion is critical for handling the growing volume of data in health sciences schools, supporting research, collaboration, and education.

While the network refreshes will cause temporary outages, we will be notifying affected areas well in advance and scheduling disruptions during non-business hours. This ensures minimal disruption to daily operations and a smooth transition.

These network refreshes are strategic investments, positioning our environment at the forefront of technological advancement, cybersecurity, and efficient connectivity.