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Choose Your Own Cybersecurity Adventure: How to get started and succeed in the InfoSec field with Nathan Wenzler, Chief Security Strategist at Tenable

(Hosted by UC Berkeley)

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It's no secret that technology is evolving faster and faster each day. Which means the types of skills and the needs of organizations to protect and secure those technologies is changing just as quickly. Trying to get started in the Information Security or Cybersecurity fields can be difficult, at best, with the ever-changing curriculums and often unreasonable levels of skill being asked for by many hiring managers. For both students and educators, it can be difficult to know what the most relevant courses are, what topics should be focused on and what additional skills will help position the next generation of security practitioners for success. And this leads to the questions: What area of cybersecurity should I specialize in? How do I demonstrate skill and experience when I'm first interviewing? How do we better prepare students to be successful in their careers? Are there some skills and knowledge that are more in demand than others?

In this discussion, Nathan WenzlerChief Security Strategist at Tenable, the creators of Nessus and the leaders in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, will share what he's seen work for both educators and students over a 25 year career of mentoring new practitioners and leaders in the cybersecurity field as well as what trends are being seen in the industry for what skills and topics both students and educators should include in their programs to remain relevant for the future.

Nathan has been designing, implementing, and managing technical and non-technical solutions for IT and information security organizations since 1997. He has helped government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies build new information security programs from scratch, as well as improve and broaden existing programs with a focus on process, workflow, risk management, and the personnel side of a successful security effort. Nathan brings his expertise on security program development and implementation in both the public and private sector to administrators, auditors, managers, C-Suite executives, and security professionals across a wide variety of organizations and companies around the globe.

Nathan is frequently quoted in publications such as USA Today, Forbes, The Washington Post,, Infosecurity Magazine, Dark Reading, SC Magazine, and contributes regularly to his own column on CSO Online, The Layer 8 Debate. He is also a frequent presenter on BrightTalk and at a number of leading conferences worldwide.