Image of Cyber Security Awareness Month Event

Best Practices Learned from Combating Hackers During the Attack - with James Christiansen, CSO VP, Cloud Security Transformation, Netskope, and James Robinson, Deputy CISO, Netskope

(Hosted by UC San Francisco)

We all understand the essential need for a cyber-incident response plan. But what are the consequences, when, in the middle of a cyber-attack, your mitigation efforts are not going as planned? This session will focus on actual case scenarios where things did go wrong and the hacker was given the advantage! Best practices learned from combating hackers during the attack.    

James Christiansen, CSO VP, Cloud Security Transformation
James Christiansen is Netskope’s vice president of cloud security transformation and leader of the Global Chief Strategy Office. He is focused on enhancing Netskope’s global clients understand the challenges and solutions of cloud deployments by helping drive thought leadership in cloud security transformation. James brings extensive expertise as a global leader in information security. Prior to joining Netskope, he was vice president CISO at Teradata where he led the global security, physical, and information security teams. Previously, James was vice president of information risk management at Optiv, chief information risk officer for Evantix, and CISO at Experian Americas, General Motors, and Visa International.

James Robinson, Deputy CISO
James is a seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of experience in security engineering, architecture and strategy. He develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic services and solutions that help executives change their security strategies through innovation.Before his time at Netskope, Robinson was the VP third-party risk management at Optiv, where he worked as a core contributor around strategic internal initiatives including threat management, risk management, third-party risk management, vulnerability management and data program protection. Prior to Optiv, he was the security architecture and strategy officer for Websense. He also previously served as product security officer for Emerson Network Power, a division of Emerson Electric Company, where he built the company’s first product security organization, including program and reference models, which were later adopted by Emerson Electric’s CTO office.He has held positions of increasing responsibilities with other Fortune 500 companies such as Anheuser-Busch and State Farm insurance where he ran one of the most successful penetration testing engagements in the company’s history.Throughout his career, Robinson has helped companies plan, build and run security programs, and he has developed solutions for network architecture and application security, penetration testing, incident response, security and risk assessment, forensics and investigations and product security. He attended Webster University where he studied business and management and holds a number of technical certifications.