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Have questions on AWS? Join our office hours!

Our Research Enablement team will be hosting Zoom office hours to answer your questions and help you find out if AWS is right for you. We’ll be answering questions such as:

  • Computations needs that are the best fit for AWS
  • What are the costs
  • How to request an account
  • Live demo of how to use
  • …and answer any of your questions!


What are others saying about DGIT’s AWS?

What are you using DGIT’s AWS for?

A good example of how we’re using one of the AWS environments is for rapid analysis of a large dialysis dataset acquired from UCLA.  Being able to put things together in a database quickly and then run various statistical and ML packages on things was easy enough and I didn’t have to worry about being locked in to a spun-up VM configuration, so to speak.


Why did you choose DGIT’s AWS?

Being able to setup a shared compute environment quickly that multiple users could log into and use, with relative flexibility of using different software, etc. and bringing data in/out of the environment.